To tell the difference between a correctly paraphrased passage from a plagiarized passage, see the following examples:

Original Source:

          Teachers are required to be both educators and parental figures, filling in for too many students who arrive in schools unprepared for learning or interacting with others.  Oftentimes, these learning-challenged students lack parental support, have had limited experience with literacy or problem solving, and don't know how to socialize with other children their age.  These students not only have had limited experience with learning, thinking about difficult situations, and solving problems, but also have limited experience in environments that require them to work through problems.  Yet, teachers are expected to prepare all of their students for achieving at grade-appropriate levels, while working on basic skills that are required for standard learning to occur, skills that should have been taught years before they arrived at the schoolhouse doors.4

Plagiarized version:

     These days, teachers are required to be both parent and educator, replacing any gap in social skills for students arriving to school unprepared.  In too many cases, these learning-challenged students do not have the parental support they need at home and have little to no experience with reading or math, and not able to socialize with other students of their same age bracket.  These children not only have had very little experience with learning, dealing with difficult situations, and problem solving, but also with their understanding of various environments they are place in to work through their problems.  Nevertheless, teachers are expected to fully prepare every one of their students not only to achieve at grade-appropriate levels, but at everyday skills for customary learning.  The everyday skills, at least, should have been taught before arriving at school (Slavkin 3).

 Why it's wrong:
      Though some words and sentences have been changed around, this paraphrase merely changed some of the sentences to look a little different from the original version, while still maintaining the same sentence structure as the first.

How it should be done:

     In this day and age, teachers have been burdened with the job of playing the role of both parent and teacher to many students entering school.  These students, who come from homes with little to no support, are entering school lacking both social and problem solving skills that allow them to function and effectively interact with their peers and teachers.  This has left teachers with the added burden to teach not only subjects and material appropriate for the student's grade level, but also with skills that will allow the students to be able to successfully interact with the environment around them (Slavkin 3).

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