Plagiarism is just one form of Academic Dishonesty.  According to the University of Texas at Dallas, Handbook of Operating Procedures, Title V-Chapter 49, Subchapter F, Section 49.36, Academic Dishonesty also includes:

  • Collusion - preparing or working together with one or more individuals on a take home assignment, such as a take home test, without expressed approval from the professor

  • Fabrication - falsifying academic records in any way (such as admission application paperwork, grades, test papers), and/or falsifying data and/or experiments (such as submitting false findings or false references)

  • Cheating - includes copying from another student's work, using unauthorized materials during a test, and obtaining contents of test prior to actual test.


For a complete definition and listing of the components of Scholastic Dishonesty, please refer to the Handbook of Operating Procedures, Title V-Chapter 49-Subchapter F-Section 49.36


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