Untitled R38, 1973
Original Relief Print
Artist: Juergen Strunck
Location: MC 4.3
Study Area, West side

Juergen Strunck was born in Neidenburg Germany in 1943. He came to America to study art during the 1960s.

He studied printmaking at the University of Dallas where he completed a Master of Art and Master of Fine Arts. Strunck has been on the faculty at the University of Dallas since 1968.

Juergen created a conical roller in 1969 to achieve the curvy elements within his work.

He has had over 60 solo exhibitions nationally and internationally and exhibited in over 500 events. In addition, he has conducted dozens of workshops across the United States.

His works are part of the permanent collections of the Dallas Museum of Art, the Library of Congress, the Whitney Museum of American Art (New York), and the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Juergen remembers our print:
"there is a vertical fold through the center of the print, each half side was printed separately in 4 printings if i remember correctly. the process is similar to woodcuts, with the various modified colored lithographic ink rolled [with a conical roller of my design] onto a plate and from it printed in an intaglio press onto the paper [a japanese fiber, kozo, called okawara]. relief print is the generic term used to describe all prints in which the surface of the print matrix is covered with ink, like in wood cut, linoleum cut, etc."

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