Database Name Description
CAS Online IndexFree online source for information on the casualty and risk assessment industry. The searchable index includes papers, reviews and articles published in the Proceedings of the Casualty Actuarial Society (PCAS), Discussion Paper Program, and Forum, among others, spanning from 1994 to present. For literature prior to 1994 (1924 to 1993), users can access browsable indexes.
How to Search This Database
CCH State & Federal Employment Law CompareAllows the direct comparison of state and federal employment law, including law cases, federal and state regulations, and government rulings. It also provides links to summaries or full text of state laws and highlights recent changes. Results can be printed or exported to Microsoft Word or Excel.
Census 2000The database has United States Census 2000 data. It has following restrictions:
  • Requires LOGIN and PASSWORD
  • Password cannot be released over the phone
  • Please come to McDermott Library Reference desk and show your ID to get the LOGIN and PASSWORD
Chemistry POWERSEARCHSearches following databases simultaneously: Academic Search Complete, General Science Abstracts, MEDLINE, Science and Technology Collection.
CINAHL (nursing)CINAHL is the authoritative resource for nursing and allied health professionals, students, educators and researchers. This database provides indexing for more than 3,000 journals from the fields of nursing and allied health. The database contains more than 2.3 million records dating back to 1981. How to Search This Database
Clotel Digital EditionClotel, or The President's Daughter: A Narrative of Slave Life in the United States, by William Wells Brown Clotel, the first African American novel was published when its author was still legally a slave. This digital edition presents the full extant texts of the novel's four versions, published between 1853 and 1867. The fully searchable texts may be read individually or in parallel and are accompanied by generous biographical, critical, and historical commentary as well as line-by-line annotations and textual collation.
The Cochrane Library (healthcare)The Cochrane Library is a collection of specialized databases that contain high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making on the effects of interventions in health care. Currently there are approximately 560,000 records in the Cochrane Library which are both searchable and browsable.
CogNet Library (cognitive and brain sciences) Provides full-text access to books and journals relating to cognitive and neurological sciences. It is also is an essential resource for those interested in primary research for understanding the nature of the human mind. The publication dates of the materials vary, but generally cover the past 15 years.
Communication & Mass Media CompleteProvides an invaluable resource for students, researchers, and educators interested in any and all aspects of communication and mass media. The database offers full text articles for over 240 titles and contains citation coverage for an additional 360 sources. Coverage extends from the 1960s to the present.  How to Search This Database

Communication Disorders POWERSEARCH
Searches the following databases simultaneously: Communication & Mass Media Complete, Education Research Complete, MEDLINE, PsycARTICLES, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection, PsycINFO.  How to Search This Database
Computer Science POWERSEARCHSearches the following databases simultaneously: Computer Source, General Science Abstracts, Inspec, Inspec Archive - Science Abstracts 1898-1968, Science and Technology Collection.  How to Search This Database
Computer Source Offers full-text coverage for nearly 300 publications covering topics such as computer science, artificial intelligence, information systems, robotics, and software. In addition, Computer Source offers indexing with abstracts for nearly 450 other related publications. Coverage extends from 1985 to the present.  How to Search This Database
This citation index covers conference literature in all scientific and technical fields, including agriculture, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, medicine, and physics. Thousands of proceedings are covered, with links to full text when available. Coverage is from 1990 to the present.
Conference Proceedings Citation Index:Social Science & Humanities
This database covers conference literature in all fields of the social sciences, and humanities, including: art, economics, history, literature, management, philosophy, psychology, public health, and sociology. Thousands of proceedings are covered, with links to full text when available. Coverage is from 1990 to the present.
Congressional UniverseProvides access to the publications of the United States Congress from 1970 to the present including Congressional committee hearings and reports, the Congressional Record, the United States Code, the Code of Federal Regulations and the Federal Register, bill texts, and legislative histories for Public Laws. Online full-text availability for these documents covers 1989 to the present. This database provides access to McDermott Library¬ís U.S. Serial Set collection on microfilm.   How to Search This Database
Constitutions of the WorldConstitutions of the World contains the full text of current and historical versions of the Constitutions of 192 countries. All Constitutions are in English. It also includes introductory material and bibliographies to supplement and provide historical context for many Constitutions. Proposed and failed amendments are also included.  How to Search This Database
Contemporary Authors (shortened version of the print source)The online version of Contemporary Authors provides biographical and bibliographical information on more than 120,000 living U.S. and international authors. For information on other 20th and 21st century writers, consult the printed version of Contemporary Authors at call number Ref PN453 .C6 in the reference area on the 2nd floor of McDermott Library.
Contemporary Literary Criticism (shortened version of the print source)The online version of Contemporary Literary Criticism provides full text access to more than 11,000 critical essays on 20th and 21st century authors. It also provides bibliographic citations for each author's principal works. For more information consult the printed version of Contemporary Literary Criticism at call number Ref PN94 .C6 in the reference area on the 2nd floor of McDermott Library. For additional sources of criticism, ask for a copy of our Literary Criticism guide at the McDermott Library reference desk.
Counseling and Therapy in VideoCounseling and Therapy in Video, Volume I
A rich online collection of more than 350 videos created for the study of counseling, social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling from multiple perspectives. The collection is searchable and can be browsed by subjects, therapy types, therapists, or themes.
CQ Electronic Library
(political science)
Created by CQ Press, the CQ Electronic Library is an excellent resource for research in American government, politics, public policy, and current affairs and searches the online versions of CQ's periodicals and reference publications. Coverage spans 1983 to the present.  How to Search This Database
CQ's Politics in AmericaPolitics in America offers comprehensive, nonpartisan commentary and data about members of Congress. Detailed member profiles provide insight and analysis through biographical data, committee assignments, election results and contact data, as well as legislative agendas, political ambitions and reputation.
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and PhysicsThe CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is a large one-volume reference source containing data on the properties and constants of the elements and other matter. It includes data for such things as boiling points, melting points, freezing points, the effects of pressure, viscosity, acoustic qualities, acidity, as well as various weights and measures. There are also such prosaic subjects as antidotes for poisons, the rules for the naming of organic compounds, the surface tensions of fused salts, the percent composition of anti-freeze solutions, spark-gap voltages, the Greek alphabet, and atmospheric properties at different elevations. It even features biographies for famous chemists and physicists.
Criminal Justice AbstractsCovers international journals, books, reports, dissertations and unpublished papers on criminology and related disciplines.
Criminology POWERSEARCHSearches the following databases simultaneously: Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts, National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) Abstracts Database ,  PAIS International, and  Sociological Abstracts. How to Search This Database
Current Index to StatisticsThe Current Index to Statistics is a database which indexes articles on statistics, probability, and related fields appearing in over 160 major journals from 1975 to the present. The database also provides information about thousands of books written on statistics.  How to Search This Database

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