Art/Architecture/Photography Databases

Database Name Description
Arts/Architecture/Photography POWERSEARCHSearches following databases simultaneously:  Art AbstractsArt Index Retrospective for 1929-1984Academic Search Complete Humanities International Index Humanities Full TextAvery Index to Architectural Periodicals.  How to Search This Database
ARTStorThis visual database contains over 1 million pictures, paintings, sculpture, photographs, architectural drawings, and designs. Derived from the artistic traditions of many eras and cultures, this material comes from museums, libraries, photographic archives, publishers, slide libraries, and individual scholars.  How to Search This Database
Oxford / Grove Art OnlineThe new home of Grove Art Online, the Oxford Art Online database contains electronic versions of the Oxford Companion to Western Art, the Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, and the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms. The Oxford Art Online database also offers thousands of images from ARTstor, the British Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art Images for College Teaching, Art Resource, Artists Rights Society, and numerous international art galleries and artists.
Periodicals Archive Online database is the new name of PCI Full Text---an archive of hundreds of digitized journals published in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Researchers can access over 200 years of scholarship on a wide variety of subjects. How to Search This Database
PIO indexes hundreds of humanities, science, and social science journals from different countries in several languages. Many full-text articles are included. Coverage for some journals begins in the 17th century. Especially useful for scholarly book reviews. How to Search This Database
Arts & Humanities Citation Index (1975-present)Part of ISI Web of Science, the Arts and Humanities Citation Index is a broad multidisciplinary index to journals published since 1975 in the fields of art, architecture, history, literature, music, film, philosophy, dance, religion, etc. Complete bibliographies are included for each citation allowing for cited reference searching.A good place to start if you want to know which writers are citing a particular author.  How to Search This Database
International Bibliography of Art A product of the Getty Trust, BHA and its predecessors cover the current literature of European Art from late Antiquity to the present and American art from the European discoveries to the present. BHA indexes books, journals, conference proceedings, festschriften, and exhibition catalogs concerned with postclassical European and post-Columbian American art.
An international index with abstracts to books and scholarly journals of philosophy and related fields written after 1939.  It covers ethics, aesthetics, epistemology, logic, and metaphysics, as well as material on the philosophy of disciplines such as law, religion, science, history, and education. It is the most important database for philosophy.  How to Search This Database
L'Année Philologique, published by the Societé Internationale de Bibliographie Classique, is a database of scholarly works relating to all aspects of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Its subjects are Greek and Latin literature, history, philosophy, art, mythology, music, and science. L'Année provides citations and abstracts to over 10,000 journal articles and books.
(multilingual, multidisciplinary)
This multilingual, multidisciplinary database is especially useful for the humanities and social sciences. Francis covers thousands of journals, books, and conference papers in many languages. How to Search This Database
ITER (medieval and renaissance studies)ITER is an index to articles, books, conference papers, and essays about the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (A.D. 400-1700). Written in a variety of languages, these articles are from over 1,500 international scholarly journals published since 1784. Subjects include history, literature, music, art, sociology, politics, etc. ITER is an excellent place to begin research on medieval subjects.
The Vogue ArchiveThis database is a searchable archive of Vogue, from the first issue in 1892 to the current month, reproduced in high-resolution color page images. The Vogue Archive preserves the work of the world's commercial artists, stylists, and photographers and is a unique record of fashion, culture, advertising, and society from the dawn of the twentieth-century to the present day. It is also a rich source for other areas of modern culture, providing a record of changing social tastes and mores, encompassing literary works by Kate Chopin, Evelyn Waugh, Vladimir Nabokov, and Carson McCullers, articles by Winston Churchill and Bertrand Russell, wartime photojournalism by Lee Miller, features on popular cultural figures of the day from Marlene Dietrich and the Beatles to Nicole Kidman and Beyoncé, and on prominent American women from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama.

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