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Database Name Description
Current Index to StatisticsThe Current Index to Statistics is a database which indexes articles on statistics, probability, and related fields appearing in over 160 major journals from 1975 to the present. The database also provides information about thousands of books written on statistics.  How to Search This Database
Science Citation Index Expanded (1899-present)ISI’s Science Citation Index Expanded provides access to approximately 8,300 journals in the natural, life, physical, mathematical, and engineering sciences going back as far as 1899. Each article contains full indexing with abstracts as well as complete bibliographies, allowing for cited reference searching. Full-Text links are provided for articles which are part of the library’s collection.
SCOPUSSCOPUS covers topics in health, life sciences, agricultural and biological sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, earth and environmental sciences, social science, psychology, and economics, business, and management.  How to Search This Database
SAGE Research Methods OnlineSage Research Methods Online (SRMO) - a comprehensive source for gathering information and assistance on research methodology, from basic terminology to complex interactive maps depicting the relationships among different types of research methods. Access hundreds of online handbooks, dictionaries and encyclopedias; the entire "Little Green Book" and "Little Blue Book" series; journal articles; and instructional videos. Includes links to free statistical software, directories of research organizations, information on research ethics, and social networking sites for academics.  
Video Tutorials and Guides for Students and Faculty to help with research projects.
iPOLL Public Opinion DatabankThe iPOLL Databank is a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for US public opinion data. iPOLL datasets include over 500,000 Q & As dating from 1935 to the present. Data is drawn from academic, commercial, and media polls conducted by over 150 US survey firms, on topics ranging from economic issues, politics, and elected officials to health, lifestyles, and social issues. iPOLL is updated daily.
Gallup AnalyticsGallup Analytics is an online platform that provides subscribers with access to U.S. data in Gallup’s U.S. Daily Tracking and global tracking data in the Gallup World Poll. U.S. Daily Tracking includes new data and historical trends at the country, state and U.S. city levels as well as by Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). World Poll data covers 80 metrics from over 160 countries. Users can access Gallup's U.S. Daily tracking and World Poll data to compare residents' responses region by region and nation by nation to questions on topics such as economic conditions, government and business, health and wellbeing, infrastructure, and education.
The Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) is the premiere academic institution carrying out surveys of public opinion in the Americas, covering 26 nations in North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Each year it publishes dozens of high quality academic studies and policy-relevant papers. The principal focus is on citizens and democracy in Latin America. LAPOP also publishes the AmericasBarometer survey every two years, a multi-country survey of democratic values and behaviors in the Americas. The AmericasBarometer is the most expansive regional survey project in the Western Hemisphere.
IHS Global Insight
(economic statistics)
Provides coverage of regional, national, and international economic, financial, and commodity information. Includes historical data on macroeconomic variables such as national income accounts, balance of payments, foreign debt, interest and exchange rates, money supply and employment.
World Development IndicatorsDeveloped by the World Bank, provides online access to financial and demographic data for hundreds of countries and regions of the world. Data retrieved can be manipulated by adjusting output parameters and downloaded as an Excel file. Coverage begins with 1960.
International Financial Statistics OnlineProduced by the International Monetary Fund, International Financial Statistics provides data from over 100 countries, including figures on interest rates, prices and production, international transactions, government finance, national accounts (including GDP), exchange rates, and population.

To access International Financial Statistics:
1. Open IHS Global Insight
2. Go to DataInsight-Web
3. Go to Global Economy -> Concept -> International Monetary Fund (IMF) -> International Financial Statistics (IFS)
International Historical Statistics International Historical Statistics provides data collected between 1750-2010 on a wide variety of socio-economic topics. It includes statistics from the Americas and Europe, as well as Africa, Asia and Oceania. Statistical topics include economics, environmental studies, agriculture, history, politics, and sociology. Data tables can be downloaded as PDFs and/or Excel files.
Balance of Payments Statistics OnlineProduced by the International Monetary Fund, Balance of Payment Statistics (BOPS) provides figures for over 100 countries, including statistics for goods, services, income, capital accounts, and reserves. BOPS also contains world totals for balance of payment components.  

To access Balance of Payment Statistics:
1. Open IHS Global Insight
2. Go to DataInsight-Web
3. Go to Global Economy -> Concept -> International Monetary Fund (IMF) -> Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPS)
Direction of Trade Statistics OnlineProduced by the International Monetary Fund and arranged by country, Direction of Trade Statistics provides totals for value of exports and imports in U. S. dollars.  

To access Direction of Trade Statistics:
1. Open IHS Global Insight
2. Go to DataInsight-Web
3. Go to Global Economy -> Concept -> International Monetary Fund (IMF) -> Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS)
Government Finance Statistics (GFS)The Government Finance Statistics (GFS) database is an online service of the International Monetary Fund. GFS Online contains detailed annual statistical data – from 1990 forward – on revenues, expenses, transactions in assets and liabilities, and stocks of assets and liabilities of general government and its subsectors as reported by member countries. The Web interface allows users to browse the database, select series of interest, display the selected series in a spreadsheet format, and save the selected series for transfer to other software systems such as Microsoft Excel®.  How to Search This Database
Global Development Finance(GDF)Statistical database produced by the World Bank Group. GDF Online offers external debt and financial data for the 144 countries that report public and publicly-guaranteed debt to the World Bank's Debtor Reporting System. Data is available from 1970 for 213 indicators such as major economic aggregates, resource flows, debt stock and currency composition with contractual obligations data until 2016. Topical country data and regional aggregates showing time series in table and chart form is also included. The GDF Online database is updated each April to include the latest-year estimates. How to Search This Database
Global Market Information
Euromonitor International
Euromonitor International [Global Market Information Database] provides key business intelligence on countries, companies, markets and consumers. Demographic, economic and marketing statistics for over 205 countries from 1977-2020 allow for historical searching and forecasting. Market data for more than 330 consumer products in 52 countries covers a span of six years, and consumer lifestyle statistical indicators for 71 countries are accompanied with analysis. Over 4,500 market analysis reports offer a strategic perspective on the global, country and company levels. Complete country profiles are included, as well as company profiles, market shares and performance indicators.
Historical Statistics of the United States Historical Statistics of the United States is the principle source for quantitative indicators of American history. Previously published as a two volume set, this expanded online edition contains considerably more information than its printed hardback predecessor, including twice as many pages of data and documentation and a tripling of the number of data series -37,339 in the new online edition. Previously including data on population, work and welfare, economics, and other government collected data, more than a dozen new topics have been added such as American Indians, slavery, poverty, nonprofit organizations, and data on the Confederate States of America. Also, the chapters in the new online edition are preceded by essays that introduce the quantitative history of their subject, provide a guide to the sources, and offer expert advice on the reliability of the data and the limits that might be placed on their interpretation. More than eighty scholars contributed their efforts and expertise to assemble and document the data and to write the introductory essays. The data are readily available for charting, or statistical analysis, or regrouping across tables.

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