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The General Aviation Collection

Finding Aids

Adams, Clara
Adams, Clara (Addition)
Aircraft Manufacturer's   Collection
Aldrich, Oliver
Alexander, Louis
Allen, Jon
American Airlines
Annual Report Collection
Ashley, Tom
Aviation Personalities Biographies
Balchen, Bernt
Banchetti, Valentine
Bath-Prill, Sally
Bauman, Michael C.
Baur, Karl
Berlin Airlift Veterans Assoc. Coll.
Black, Gretchen
Bock, John
Boedecker, Kenneth J.
Bohn, Delphine
Bowen, Temple
Braniff Airways
Brayton, Clyde E.
Bulban, Peter
Burgess, Isabel A.
Burns, Arthur C.
Campbell, Mike
Campbell, W.C.
Ciofi, Joseph
Clark, J. Russell
Cleveland, Carl M.
Cooper, William E.
Cornell, Gordon Charles
Cripliver, Roger C.
Dale, Clarence Lee
Davis Airlines
Dealey, Joe M. Jr.
De Leon, Lawrence E.
Dickinson, Warren T.
Dole Race Collection
Donahue, James
Doyle, Lt. James A.
Duty, William
Earhart, Amelia
Elliot, L.C.
Enola Gay Petitions
FAA Collection
Fanciulli, Jerome S.
Follmer, Jack
Fortner, Raymond O.
Francis, Devon
Fuller, William
General Aviation Video Coll.
Gervais, Joseph
Glines, C.V. Jr.
Golder, W.M.
Good, Byron
Graham, James
Griesinger, R.L.
Groh Collection
Guttery, Ben
Hadley, Marie
Hall, Al
Hardin, Thomas
Harrison, J.
Harting, Al
Hassel, Bert
Haus, Charles N.
Hawks, Frank M.
Hayes, R.W.
Herrera, Emilio
Higham, Robin
Hildes-Heim, Erik
Hodge, Chuck (on Walter H. Scheurs, Jr.)
Hospers, Jack
Hull, Burt E.
Hutchinson, J.D.
Institute of Aeronautical Sciences
Jaynes, John B. "Jack"
Johnson, Phillip
Kammeyer, Robert A.
Kay, Maurice M.
Kahle, Keith
King, Lawerence W.
King, William B.
Kingston, Clara Talley
Kippen, James S.
Kippen, J.S. ( Photography)
Klien, Milton
Krieger, Marvin
Lee, Robert E.
Leonard, Lane
Lester, Doug
Lindbergh, Charles
Link, Edwin
Liscomb, Paul
Locklear, Ormer Leslie
Lohoefer, Conrad
Long, William F.
Love Field
Luckadoo, John H.
Maier, Nick
Mangham, Captain J.H.
Mattern, James J. "Jimmie"
Mayborn, Mitch
McClanahan, Bill
McCulloh, Retha
Miller, DeLong
Mooney, Al
Moore, Wylie V.
Musick, Edwin C.
National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)
Neal, J.K.
Niemeyer, Alvin D.
North Texas Associaiton of Transportation   Museums (NOTAMS)
Ong, William
Osmun, William G.
Page, Tony
Parker, Alvin H.
Parrish, Wayne
Penry, Charles W.
Perrenot, Bob
Potter, B.
Povey, Leonard J.
Powder Puff Derby
Prill, George C.
Rabbitt, Frank: Enola Gay
Randolph, Stella
Ray, Jim
Reading, George W.
Rice, Ed
Rokes, Nelson
Rooney, William A.: Enola Gay
Shrader, Welman A.
Scrapbooks, Misc.
Shuttles, William E. Collection
Small Collections
Smith, Earl L. Collections
Soucek, Apollo
Southwest Airlines
Stith, Dale Ross
Teel, Don
Tibbs, Burrell
Uhl, A.J. "Sam"
Walker, James H.
Weisberg, Joseph A.
Witts, David A.
780th Bomb Squadron Association