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Living Learning Communities

The Living Learning Communities at UT Dallas are a limited-access program. Two hundred students will be invited to participate.

Students must first complete a housing application before applying to a living learning community. All Living Learning Community students will be housed in the new residence hall.

All qualified applicants will be contacted for a phone interview. Students will be notified regarding the results of their interviews before the beginning of the fall semester.


To apply online, please complete form below.

Select the Living Learning Community for which you are applying:

Arts and Technology — for students interested in computer animation, game development, sound design, digital design, and emerging media and communication (FULL)
Engineering and Computer Sciences — for students interested in engineering and computer sciences
Management — for students interested in accounting, finance, or business administration
Multicultural — for students of all majors interested in diversity education and multicultural experiences
Music — for students of all majors interested in musical performance and appreciation
Pre-Health — for students of all majors interested in one of the health professions (medical, dental, pharmacy, etc.)
Social Justice — for students of all majors interested in examining justice and equity in the American Culture

Essay Questions

1. Why are you interested in being part of a Living Learning Community? Why are you specifically interested in your chosen community?

2. What are your goals for your college experience at UT Dallas?

3. How will your community benefit from your participation?

Community Expectations and Requirements

Every Living Learning Community resident will:

  • Live in the residence hall and adhere to the housing contract and stipulations
  • Attend the leadership retreat
  • Enroll in the courses designated for your community
  • Participate in 20 hours of community service per semester
  • Attend monthly community meetings
  • Report monthly event attendance and community service hours
  • Complete program assessments in the fall and spring
  • Participate in and contribute to events planned for your community
  • Engage in appropriate conduct that contributes to an environment where learning can flourish
  • Meet all requirements necessary to remain enrolled at UT Dallas

Updated: October 10, 2008
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