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This community is ideal for students considering careers in health professions.

Faculty Advisor — Dr. Karen de Olivares
Faculty Advisor — Kathleen Byrnes
Staff Advisor — Leah Barfield

Course Connections*

(Based on major)

Fall 2015 — NSM Majors: Natural Science and Mathematics Freshman Seminar — NATS 1101
Fall 2015 — BBS Majors: First Year Seminar — PSY 1100
Fall 2015 — Healthcare Studies Majors: Interdisciplinary Studies Freshman Seminar — BIS 1100
Fall 2015 — Undeclared Majors: Freshman Seminar — UNIV 1100

Events and Programs

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*Coursework may change based on availability. Contact the Living Learning Communities for the most timely and up to date information.