The University of Texas at Dallas Mobile Site


I need to get back to the full version of the site!

At the bottom of each page, you have the option to view the full site. If you don't want to scroll, just click here. Your decision will be saved for 24 hours.


This site looks strange on my phone.

Currently, we support only advanced mobile browsers. These include Mobile Safari (iPhone,iPod), Android and Opera Mini.


I really like this version of the website. Can I save it to my home screen?

The iPhone allows you to save this site to your home screen. Just tap the "+" icon, at the bottom of your screen, and "Add to Home Screen."


How do I get around this site?

You can return to the home page by tapping either the "Texas logo" or the green bar at the bottom of each page. To return to a particular application, tap the application name in the top right corner of each page.


Where can I send comments?

[email protected]