October 4, 2015


Team Wins Grant to Explore Treatment for PTSD

Dr. Michael KilgardOct. 5, 2015The Texas Biomedical Device Center will use the award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for a project that will study targeted plasticity therapy as a possible treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. read more

Project Shows Catalysts in Teen Cyber Aggression

Dr. Marion UnderwoodOct. 5, 2015Dr. Marion Underwood, dean of graduate studies and professor of psychological sciences, helped develop the research model for a CNN special called #Being Thirteen that is scheduled to air Monday night. read more

Marijuana Brain Study Offers More Substance

Dr. Francesca FilbeyOct. 2, 2015Scientists at the Center for BrainHealth accounted for participants' nicotine use in an examination that uncovered significant differences in the brains of those who use both substances and marijuana-only users. read more

Writer Weaves Civil Rights, Experiences into Book

Sanderia FayeOct. 2, 2015Sanderia Faye, a doctoral student in the School of Arts and Humanities, recently published Mourner’s Bench, her debut novel about a young girl navigating life in small-town Arkansas during the civil rights era. read more

Discovery May Have Powerful Effect on Electronics

Hui ZhuOct. 1, 2015Researchers at UT Dallas have uncovered a phenomenon that could have major implications for the development of nano-electronic circuits and devices, such as smartphones. read more

New Audiology Leader Seeks to Save Hearing

Dr. Colleen Le PrellSept. 30, 2015Whether you’re at a concert, a shooting range, or are listening to headphones, Dr. Colleen Le Prell and her research team want to protect your hearing. read more

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