How to Use ‘This Week at UT Dallas’

This Week at UT Dallas gathers events and announcements of broad interest in one convenient, searchable location on the University’s Web site. 


image of This WeekListings included in “This Week at UT Dallas” are the highlights of UT Dallas events and announcements. Items are long enough to offer only the basics. Readers can find more information in Comet Calendar, where every event must be posted before it can be included in “This Week.” The page is assembled on Wednesdays for Web posting the following Monday.


Send items for consideration to [email protected]. It’s best to think in terms of who, what, when and where.  Each event item needs a title, time and location. Then it needs a brief sentence explaining a bit more about the event and a link to more information.


Plan on a week’s advance notice if you want your item included. Late items will not be accepted.

What we take

All events and announcements must directly involve UT Dallas organizations or offices.  Preference will be given to listings with the broadest appeal.


Please include one if you like.  All are sized down to 75 x 75 pixels.  That’s about ¾ of an inch square on the average PC monitor, so make sure in advance that it will look good at that size.

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July 23, 2017