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The University of Texas at Dallas

New Student Programs

In support of the mission of The University of Texas at Dallas and the Division of Student Affairs, New Student Programs facilitates the transition of new students and their families into the institution. Through a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, we provide the framework for new students to learn and develop as they adjust to the expectations, standards, and academic rigors of the university while fostering pride in the UT Dallas community.

New Student Programs offers many ways for UT Dallas students to get involved and build their leadership skills.  For more specific information about each program we offer, please click on the links below.

  • Freshman Orientation
    • Freshman Orientation is an exciting first step to becoming part of the UT Dallas campus and community! This two-day program gives an overnview of opportunities and resources available to you on campus.
  • Orientation Leaders
    • The Orientation Leader Program maintains the standards of excellence of and connects new students to the University of Texas at Dallas by providing memorable first-year experiences, an inclusive welcoming environment, social programming, leadership opportunities, and a sense of personal involvement in the campus community. Through insightful leadership and the cultivation of spirit and tradition, the Orientation Leader Program is the catalyst for new student development and success. If you are intersted in applying for the Orientation Leader Program plesae visit our Facebook page.
  • Comet Camp
    • The three days of Comet Camp are a time for meeting new friends, learning about UT Dallas, reflecting on the journey ahead, and most importantly, having fun.
  • Success Camp
    • Success Camp is a one day workshop designed to help you succeed in college academics, and ease your first-day-of-school jitters.
  • Graduate Student Orientation
  • Road Warriors
    • Road Warriors is a program just for commuter students! We host events to get you involved on campus and target your special needs as a student who commutes to campus.
  • Comet Families
    • Comet Families is an avenue for family members and parents of UT Dallas students to get information on the campus, find out about special events, and get resources on issues facing their college student.
  • Family Day
    • Family Day is Comet Families largest event, and a UT Dallas tradition that brings students and their families together for a full day of fun. Meet other families, enjoy a catered lunch, and find out what's happening on campus!

If you have any questions please call New Student Programs at 972-883-6171.