Department of Chemistry

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The following is a list of seminars available from the chemistry department faculty at The University of Texas at Dallas. If your program wishes to take advantage of any such presentation, please contact the faculty member directly.

UT Dallas abides by the rules of the Southwest Regional Speaker Exchange.

Speakers Topics

Dr. Jung-Mo Ahn
(972) 883-2917

Search for Receptor-Bound Conformations of Large Peptides and its Therapeutic Application

De Novo Design and Synthesis of Orally Available Anti-Diabetic Therapeutics
Dr. Kenneth J. Balkus, Jr.
(972) 883-2659

Molecular Sieve Forms, Fibers and Films

Molecular Sieve Host/Guest Materials
Zeolite and Composite Membranes
Dr. Ray H. Baughman
(972) 883-6538
Carbon Nanotubes for Fun and Profit: Tiny Muscles, Noses, Capacitors, and Power Generators
Dr. Michael C. Biewer
(972) 883-2811
Organic Photochromic Molecules: Development of Switches and Sensors
Dr. Gregg R. Dieckmann
(972) 883-2903
The Biochemistry/Nanotechnology Interface: Design of Proteins that Bind Carbon Nanotubes

Engineered Changes in a Zinc Ribbon Protein: Modulation of Metal-binding Properties through Side Chain and Backbone Modifications
Dr. Rockford Draper
(972) 883-2512
Biology meets Nanotechnology

Protein Toxins and Membrane Traffic
Dr. John P. Ferraris
(972) 883-2905
Conjugated Block Copolymers for Light-Emission and Solar Cell Applications

Novel Hybrid Membranes for High Temperature Fuel Cells
Dr. Bruce Gnade
(972) 883-6636
Materials and Processes for Flexible Electronics

Intergration Issues for Advanced Gate Stack Materials
Dr. Warren J. Goux
(972) 883-2660
Alzheimer's Disease and Tau: Untangling Neurofibrillary Tangles

Amyloidogenic Peptides: A Combinational Approach to Predicting Physical Properties from Sequence

Dr. Lynn A. Melton
(972) 883-2913

A Year at Dow Chemical: A Look at Jobs in the Chemical Industry

Applications of Chemistry in the Study of Industrial Mixing Processes
Dr. Inga Holl Musselman
(972) 883-2706
Scanning Probe Microscopy of Peptide-Wrapped Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Mixed-Matrix Membranes for Gas Separations
Dr. Paul Pantano
(972) 883-6226
Determining the Intracellular Fate of SWCNTs
Dr. A. Dean Sherry
(972) 883-2907
NMR Profiling of Liver Fluxes Using 2H and 13C Tracers of Metabolism

Metabolic Imaging of Tissues Using Responsive MR Imaging Agents
Dr. John W. Sibert
(972) 883-2918
Wurster's Crowns: The Synthesis and Coordination Chemistry of Phenylenediamine-based Redox-active Macrocycles

Lipophilic Tetraazamacrocycles as New Anticancer Agents

  • Updated: November 8, 2010