School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Scientist Finds Clearer Obesity, Diabetes Connection

Dr. Jung-whan Kim UT Dallas' Dr. Jung-whan Kim and his colleagues found that a protein called HIF-1 alpha plays a key role in the development of insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes. The results also may shed light on the link between obesity and cancer. read more

Geosciences Lecturer Dives Deep into Abyss on Pacific Expedition

Pujana Dr. Ignacio Pujana, a senior lecturer in the Department of Geosciences at UT Dallas, has one thing in common with Academy Award-winning director James Cameron: Each has spent time squeezed into a submersible vehicle to study the Mariana Trench. read more

Services Expand to Make Navigating Campus Easier

skybridges Multiple transportation options, hundreds of new parking spaces, skybridges for pedestrians and signs for drivers are among the ways UT Dallas is working to make it easier to get around our growing campus. read more

Slideshow: K-12 Students Explore Summer Camps

This summer, UT Dallas offered dozens of camps for K-12 students. The campus visitors experienced robotics, chess, basketball, engineering, computer programming, debate and more. read more

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