School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Physics Senior Gets Closer to Stars with Project

Chris Keele Chris Keele, a physics senior,is the first UT Dallas undergraduate to conduct research at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. This week, he will earn his bachelor's degree from the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. read more

Poster Contest Showcases Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Poster Contest winners Eighteen students recently impressed judges at the competition's finals, which featured topics ranging from improving prosthetic legs to evaluating consumer behavior models. read more

New Student Leaders Set Sights on Unity

Joey Campain and Akshitha Padigela New UT Dallas Student Government president Akshitha Padigela and vice president Joey Campain were elected at the end of March on the United as One ticket. Both are undeterred in what they can accomplish. read more

Leadership Awards Recognize Outstanding Contributions

Kanteti and Goodrich Four students, an advisor and a student organization have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to campus life. The awards highlight the University's commitment to helping students develop leadership skills. read more

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