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About the AIRC

Academic Title Assistant Professor
Advanced Imaging Research Center
Secondary Appointment Internal Medicine

Eunsook S. Jin, PhD, D.D.S.

Research Overview
The measurement of comprehensive metabolic fluxes in vivo is important in understanding pathophysiology of a metabolic disease such as diabetes. It is challenging, but stable isotopes and NMR spectroscopy may allow us to study in vivo fluxes. My research interests are intermediary metabolism, obesity-associated type 2 diabetes, and glucose-fat metabolic interaction using stable isotopes and NMR as key research tools. I have used animal models in studying intermediary metabolism and diabetes, but recently started clinical research focusing on obesity-associated type 2 diabetes. The clinical study includes hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp technique and hepatic fat measurement using a 3T MR scanner in addition to multiple stable isotope administration and NMR spectroscopic analysis.

Contact email: [email protected]

Research Interests

Intermediary metabolism NMR
Insulin resistance & Type 2 diabetes Glucose-fat metabolic interaction