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About the AIRC

Academic Title Associate Professor
Secondary Appointment Advanced Imaging Research Center
School Southwestern Medical School
Affiliations PET Facility

Fangyu Peng, MD, PhD

Research Overview
Translational research in molecular imaging and cancer therapy. Copper metabolism is an important physiological process in humans. Absorption, distribution, and clearance of copper are tightly regulated by a finely-tuned network of copper transporters. We are investigating copper metabolism imbalance in Wilson's disease with positron emission tomography in collaboration with other investigators.

Accumulating evidence indicates that copper metabolism imbalance plays an important role in pathogenesis of cancer and neurological disorders. We are investigating copper metabolism as a new target for molecular imaging of cancer and neurological disorders with PET. Additionally, we are developing new techniques for tracking gene and drug delivery for cancer therapy using positron emission tomography.

Contact email: [email protected]


Research Interests

Identification of new targets for cancer imaging and therapy
Molecular imaging of copper metabolism with PET-CT
Imaging gene and drug delivery in vivo with PET-CT