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Mathematics Education

The MAT in Mathematics Education does not currently require a thesis and is a terminal degree for most students. By taking an appropriate 18 hours of core courses in mathematics and statistics as part of the degree, students can meet the minimal mathematics requirement to teach at a community college.

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Degree in Mathematics Education

The MAT degree in Mathematics Education is designed primarily for teachers possessing secondary certification in mathematics and/or computer science, emphasizing content. Admission requires at least one year of calculus and a junior-level course involving mathematical proof included within the secondary certification in mathematics and/or computer science. Junior high or middle school mathematics teachers may wish to consider a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree. Consult the Graduate Advisor for details. The MAT degree in Mathematics Education requires 36 semester hours.

Mathematics Education Core Courses (15 hours)

Five approved courses chosen from:
Analysis: MATH 5301, 5302;
Algebra and Discrete Mathematics: CS 5333, MATH 6311;
Geometry: MATH 5305, 5306;
Probability and Statistics: STAT 5351, 5352

Other relevant courses approved by the Graduate Advisor

Students wishing to emphasize computer science may substitute appropriate courses for those in the Mathematics Education Core as approved by the Graduate Advisor.

Professional Course (3 hours)

EMTH 5310 Seminar: The Teaching of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Guided Electives (18 hours)

Six courses in mathematics, computer science or other area involving applications of mathematics or pedagogy (approval by Graduate Advisor required). 

MTHE 5320 (which may be repeated up to six times) is highly recommended.

  • Updated: February 11, 2011