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One of our goals is to facilitate the development of preK-14 teachers into skilled educators with a depth pedagogical content knowledge in the sciences and/or mathematics through best practices in science and mathematics education reflective of cutting-edge research and national STEM education reform initiatives. To do this our department is providing resources that may be helpful to you in your research and in your classroom teaching.

Please scroll down at your leisure to explore these resources we have put together for you.

Virtual Field Trips

SME’s Virtual Field Trips are designed for use in any and every classroom. Although the main topics are based in ecology (life science), geology (earth science) and humankind (environmental science), these sites also support lessons in computer science, technology, mathematics, physics, social studies, geography, history, language arts and classical art. The structure is open so that you may approach most any topic from virtually every direction. Each “element” is woven into the “Big Picture” with links and references to allow you and your students to explore the presented information through the most logical route. The same scientific principles and processes apply in other geographic locations as well!

SME Resource Webs

SME's resource webs provide links to tools and resources that support a variety of Science/Mathematics Education programs. Created by UTD SME associates, many of these sites have been designed specifically for science/mathematics educators. Extending from scientific and/or educational research, they are available for your use as well!

Educational Links


Reference Tools

Productivity Tools  

  • Updated: April 4, 2013