Customized Programs

1. Submission of proposal to OIE for Office of the Provost's approval
2. After approval
3. Three Weeks Before Departure
4. During the trip
5. After the trip

1. Submission of proposal to OIE for Office of the Provost's approval

The Office of the Provost and the Office of International Education (OIE) invite you to submit proposals for 2015 Study Abroad Faculty Led Programs (Spring, Summer, and Fall). Customized faculty – led study abroad programs meet specific academic objectives by way of field trips and excursions that may consist of research, service-learning, community service, etc.

Proposals must include:

  1. Bio-paragraph of academic leader reflecting relevant international educational experience.
  2. Syllabus (SACS format), including title of the course, course registration number, academic objectives, and number of credits.
  3. Tentative distribution of contact hours (how many contact hours.) i) before departure, ii) during the trip, iii) after the trip). Use institutional template
  4. Expected number of students participating in the course/program.
  5. Description of the budget and program fees charged to students. Include payment policy (deposit, final payment, refund policy, and deadline(s)).
  6. Semester and dates of the trip.
  7. Tentative agenda.
  8. Connection with higher education / research / academic institution(s) in foreign destination(s), i.e. host institution, interaction between local university (ies) faculty and UT Dallas students, etc.
  9. Written authorization of the corresponding Dean for the submission of the proposal.
  10. Rationale to use a different travel agency or provider from UT System Travel Agencies, if applicable.

Proposals are due on Friday, August 1, 2014, 4:00 p.m. Office of International Education (Student Services Building 3.400 – MS: SSB34).

2. After approval

i.   Faculty leader is required to attend a training program.

Components to be covered:

  • Cultural challenges,
  • maximizing learning outcomes,
  • international education and UT Dallas mission,
  • international education is not mandatory, it is a complementary tool of education.
  • Ethics of international education, i.e. accountability of resources,
  • Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Certification Form for New and Existing Study Abroad,
  • OIE is not a travel agency,
Risk Management:
  • Scheduling the Pre Departure Orientation Session.
  • International Educational Fund Scholarship (IEFS) conditions,
  • International SOS Emergency Assistance,
  • Health insurance, international coverage,
  • Procedures for dealing with emergencies and minimizing risks,
  • Institutional protocol, i.e. liability, medical forms, OIE deadlines,
  • 24/7 institutional contact information,
  • UT Dallas Police,
  • Students with special needs,
  • Sexual harassment.
ii.  Participating students are required to satisfy the OIE protocol. OIE recommends this should be done in coordination with the faculty leader during one regular class. For more information, eligibility requirements, please consult the section of OIE Deadlines / Institutional Protocol.

3.Three Weeks Before Departure

Faculty leader must submit to OIE

  • Updated syllabus / syllabi.
  • Out of State, Foreign & Field Trip Course Approval Form.
  • Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Certification for New and Existing Study Abroad Course Memorandum, endorsed by the academic unit's Dean, which will be provided by OIE after approval.
  • Copy of the provider's contract, if applicable.
  • Distribution of contact hours.
  • Updated agenda.
  • Relevant foreign contact information
  • Group Travel Authorization – Exhibit B14 F.
  • Date of the Pre Departure Orientation Session
  • Confirmation of available portfolio of students' documents for Faculty leader to bring with him / her during the trip:
    • Copies of passports,
    • Copies of immigration forms, if applicable,
    • Copies of medical release forms,
    • Copies of air itineraries,
    • Copies of health insurances,
    • Copies of export controls forms,
    • International SOS contact information, and
    • UT Dallas 24 / 7 contact information.
  • Copies of travel forms of faculty and staff leading the group.

4. During the trip

Faculty leader is required to notify OIE of

  • Arrival at destination.
  • Any update of foreign contact information and/or program, if needed.

5. After the trip

Students should evaluate the program using the following

  • Study Abroad Evaluation.
  • Course Evaluation
Please contact Dr. Rodolfo Hernandez, International Education Director, for any question: or 972-883 6475.