Incoming International Exchange Scholar


Thank you for your interest in participating as an exchange scholar at The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas). UT Dallas is committed to more than thirty-five international collaborations, including the mechanism of exchange mobility as an effort to enhance the good and respectful understanding among the future leaders of different cultures and nations. Exchange students benefit from waiving tuition on a reciprocal basis at the host institution.

UT Dallas is a research-oriented university with emphasis on interdisciplinary and applied programs with a growing international population. Our exchange mobility includes students from Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Korea, Scotland, Spain, and Israel. If you require more information about UT Dallas, we recommend you to visit our section of "Prospective Students."

Admission and migration protocol

Document submission deadline: Spring 2015 – September 1, 2014

Pre-Submission Checklist: please use this checklist to help you ensure that all protocol documentation has been obtained for submission.

Once all documents are compiled they are to be submitted to the Office of International Education.

Mailing/Courier Address:

The University of Texas at Dallas
Lisabeth Lassiter
International Center
800 W. Campbell Road - SSB 34
Richardson, Texas, 75080, USA
Tel: (972) 883-4715

International exchange scholars coming to UT Dallas are required to satisfy the following protocol:

1) You need to be enrolled in one of the international institutions that have included exchange mobility in its collaboration with UT Dallas.

2) Submit your candidacy at your home institution before deadlines.

3) Your home institution is required to recommend to the UT Dallas Office of International Education your candidacy as an exchange scholar at UT Dallas. The following link provides the Memo template to be completed by your home institution:

4) Submit your application to UT Dallas Office of International Education: Application Form. Moreover, as a potential exchange scholar, please follow these instructions for a successful application process:

a.You are not required to submit an essay.
b.You must provide emergency contact information.
c. For undergraduate students, if your participation in the exchange program requires your enrollment for two consecutive semesters, you need to take the THEA exam. This exam is mandatory for undergraduate exchange students attending for more than one semester. You can take the examination upon your arrival to UT Dallas. For more information about this examination, please visit the following site :

5) Once your admission is approved, your file is transferred to the Office of International Student Services (ISSO). This office will contact you if more information and/or documentation is required to issue your I-20 for your student visa (F1).

a. Keep in mind that you are required to submit a "financial affidavit" to confirm your financial resources for living expenses, books, and health insurance during the length of the exchange program.

b.You will need to obtain an international health insurance, including repatriation insurance as specified by the Student Health Center:

You will need to submit proof of vaccination for meningitis upon arrival.

d. You will be required to have a Tuberculosis screening prior to registering for UT Dallas clases.

e. You will be responsible for any immigration fee, including the International Orientation Fee.

6) After the admission is granted, submit your on-line application for housing, and application fee and deposit.

For more information about the protocol migration, arrival information, housing, orientation, etc. please visit ISSO Web page at

Registration and Transfer of Credits

Undergraduate exchange students must to register for at least 12 credit hours during the Fall or Spring semester. Graduate  exchange students must to register for at least 9 credit hours during the Fall or Spring semester.

Upon completion of your program at UT Dallas, you will need to request to the Office of the Registrar your transcripts to be sent to your home institution prior to your departure. In order to request your transcripts, ensure your UT Dallas account is in zero balance. For more information, please visit the Office of the Registrar’s web site:  

Please keep in mind that the exchange mobility between UT Dallas and your home institution may require specific components for final approval. Consult the Office of International Education at your home institution or our office for further information.