Internships-Independent Studies-Research

If your travel abroad involves any of the following U.T. Dallas related experiences, it is necessary to complete OIE protocol:

Internships/Cooperative Education: This program places students in work assignments related directly to their fields of study.

For further information about internships, please visit the UTD Career Center's web page and/or contact the Internship Coordinator of the Career Center.

Independent Study: Academic work chosen or designed by the student with the approval of the department concerned, under a professor's supervision. This work is usually undertaken outside of the regular classroom structure.

Research: Dissertation hours or research hours designed by the student and his/her academic supervisor for honor's thesis, doctoral dissertations, etc.

Departmental approval is required for all internships/independent studies/research hours. Students are required to satisfy the intitutional protocol before deadlines to be able to pursue an international education program. Please visit the web section of deadlines and institutional protocol.

Students can contact Ms. Karen Stepherson, OIE student advisor, at 972-883 4715 or electronically at, with further questions or concerns.