Mission and Objectives

The Office of International Education (OIE) supports the teaching, research, and outreach missions of The University of Texas at Dallas by offering comprehensive, accessible, flexibly delivered coordination of international education opportunities for faculty and students. The Office of International Education's overall mission is to promote opportunities that allow learning about self and organization in relation to the larger world to become an "internationalized citizen and institution."

Objective 1. OIE is dedicated to promoting international educational opportunities that better prepare students, faculty, and the university to function in the global, rapidly changing and technological world.

Objective 2. OIE offers enhancement of university programs, services and organizational units by initiating international opportunities, educating the campus community, and encouraging participation.

Objective 3. OIE is committed to meeting and changing needs of multiple populations while engaging in innovative program development and management, providing students and faculty assistance, consultation for developing unique programs and university agreements with international counterparts.

Objective 4. OIE broadens and facilitates the understanding and collaboration for promoting a global perspective for UTD through leadership in appropriate professional organizations and scholarly contributions.