Eligibility and Application Process

The Office of International Education is now located
in the Student Services Building SSB 3.400
along with the International Student Services Office

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. A student must have a minimum 3.0 for UTD Exchange Mobility Programs.  A student must have a minimum 2.0 for Study Abroad.

  2. Undergraduate students must have a minimum 30 UTD credit hours for study abroad/exchange mobility.

    • Freshman/Sophomore Transfer students must have a minimum 30 UTD credit hours for study abroad/exchange mobility.
    • Junior/Senior transfer students must have a minimum 15 UTD credit hours for study abroad/exchange mobility.

  3. Graduate students must have a minimum 9 UTD credit hours for study abroad/exchange mobility.

  4. All students are allowed to participate in UTD Faculty Led/Customized programs.

  5. Senior students within the 24/30 rule who plan to graduate must obtain a 24/30 waiver from their academic advisor to be eligible for study abroad.

Application Submission for Education Abroad:

Spring 2015 – Friday, October 31, 2014

Future semester dates will be posted by October 1st. 

NOTE for Departments: All students traveling to international locations on a university sponsored trips (i.e. conference, research or other type of event) are required to submit all appropriate travel documents and the Student Travel Authorization – Exhibit  B14-F (prepared by student's administrative department) a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to departure.

Required Documents for All Programs

  • Education Abroad Student Application
  • Foreign Travel – Adult Participant Release & Indemnification – Exhibit B4-E
  • Medical Information Release – Exhibit B4-C
  • Export Control – Exhibit B16EXC
  • UT System Academic HealthPlan Health Insurance
  • Copy of Passport

 Required Documents for All Programs – Due 3 weeks prior to departure

  • Copy of Airline Itinerary
  • Register Airline Itinerary on International SOS website
  • Foreign Contact Information (Must include physical address & contact phone number)
  • Pre-Departure Workshop
  • International SOS Emergency Assistance Card (Issued upon completion of all required documents)
  • Student/Team/Group Foreign Travel Authorization – Exhibit B14-F

Additional Required Documents for Study Abroad/Exchange

  • Program Acceptance Letter (Submitted upon receipt)
  • Course Pre-Approval Form(s)
  • Official Study Abroad Transcript (Submitted upon completion of program)
Additional Required Documents for Independent Study/Internships
  • Out of State, Foreign, and Field Trip Course Approval Form

Contact Education Abroad at 972-883-4715 or electronically at educationabroad@utdallas.edu  with further questions or concerns.