UT Dallas

Institutional Equity

The Office of Institutional Equity serves as a vital resource and leader in promoting and furthering the University’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunity for all members of its community.

On this website you will find many resources that foster and support an environment on campus that is inclusive, respectful and free from discrimination and harassment. As an institution, we are committed and dedicated to all the principles outlined in the mission statement and the University’s nondiscrimination policy.

If we can be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Purpose

Institutional Equity provides staff, faculty and students with the resources and tools that ensure success in complying with The University of Texas at Dallas’ Nondiscrimination Policy, Prohibited Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Sexual Misconduct Policy, Title IX, Affirmative Action, Retaliation Policy and all related state and federal equal opportunity laws. We:

Diversity is much more than just race, religion or gender. “Diverse teams succeed. A diverse group of smart people has an inherent creative advantage against a group of equally smart but homogeneous individuals. There is value in a team in which each member brings a different perspective to the table. Each person’s point of view is unique, shaped by education, family, gender, religion, acquired knowledge and life experiences.”
– Dr. David Daniel, former president, The University of Texas at Dallas