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Green Hall East Entrance Closed May 25 – June 5

May 21, 2015

The east entrance to Green Hall (GR) will be closed due to construction starting Monday, May 25. Weather permitting, work will be completed by June 5 and the entrance will be reopened. During this timeframe, pedestrians should utilize the west, north and south entrances of the building.

Road Construction, Repairs to Affect Parking, Traffic Flow

May 05, 2015

The Loop Road expansion project is moving into its next phase over the summer, impacting parking lots A, B, C and D.

From Monday, May 18 through the end of June, parking lots A and B will be completely closed for resurfacing and restriping. In addition, the entrance to campus on Lookout Drive will be renovated for the Loop Road expansion. The existing east-bound lanes of Lookout Drive will be closed. The west-bound lanes will be converted to allow for two-way traffic. Drive G will be accessible through this entrance, but lot C will not. Access to the campus from Floyd and Lookout roads will be maintained throughout the project.

Lots C and D will have fencing in place as work continues on Loop Road. The outer half of lot C will be closed completely. Lot D will remain open for parking, as well as a few inner rows of lot C. To access these areas, use Drive G from Lookout Drive, or enter at University Parkway and follow Armstrong Drive to lot D. There will be an entrance to the front portion of lot C from lot D. Lot D will have green and gold spaces available, and lot C will have purple, orange and gold spaces available. Additional parking during this phase of the project can be found in Parking Structures 1 and 3, which offer spaces for green, gold, orange and purple permits.

During this timeframe, work will also begin near Residence Hall West to extend Loop Road and create a west entrance and exit via Waterview Parkway. Those in the surrounding area may experience some additional noise, but pedestrian access and traffic flow will not be affected.

In early July, the newly resurfaced lots A and B will reopen for parking, but will only be accessible from Floyd Road. The City of Richardson is working with the University to temporarily allow for left turns into campus during this phase of the project. The two-way traffic access along Lookout Road will be shifted to the newly paved east-bound lanes, and the west-bound lanes off Lookout Drive will be closed for construction. Lots C and D will be completely closed at this time for resurfacing and restriping. Additional parking for green, gold, orange and purple permits during this phase of the project can be found in Parking Structures 1 and 3, and lots J, M and Q.

Drivers are advised to allow additional time to reach their parking destinations and watch for construction traffic. Weather permitting, the parking lots and the Lookout Drive entrance should be completed before the start of the fall 2015 semester. All phases of the project, including a new bridge near lot R and a road connection to Facilities Way, are expected to be complete by late fall 2015.

Continue to check this website for construction updates as this project progresses.

New Routes Needed to Park in Lots A, B

January 9, 2015
Parking lot entrances during the Loop Road extension.

Work on the expansion of Loop Road has begun in parking lots A and B. In Lot A, only E-parking and green parking will be accessible from the Floyd Road entrance near the Police Department (PD.) To access gold, orange and purple parking in lots A and B, enter the campus on Lookout Drive. Some gold and green parking in both lots will be temporarily unavailable during the project. Alternatives can be found in parking structures 1 and 3, and lots C, D, a, H, I, J, M and U.

Read more in the recent News Center story.

Power Outages, Maintenance and Construction Planned for Winter Break

December 8, 2014

In order to minimize disruptions and inconvenience, UT Dallas Facilities Management has scheduled several power outages during winter break for annual maintenance, inspections and cleaning of critical equipment.

The Central Energy Plant (EP) and Satellite Utility Plant (SUP,) which affect heating and air conditioning only, will be shut down from 9:00 p.m. Saturday, December 20, through Saturday, December 27. Several campus buildings will be without heating or air conditioning while maintenance work is performed.

In addition, on Monday, December 22, the following buildings will undergo power outages for maintenance and inspections.

  • Lloyd V. Berkner Hall (BE)
  • Eugene McDermott Library (MC)
  • Waterview Science and Technology Center (WSTC)

All power, including electricity, will be out in these buildings during maintenance. No one will be allowed into the affected buildings during the power outages without prior notification and authorization of the UT Dallas Police.


Winter Break Power Outages
Location Date(s) Duration
* Will be delayed if severe weather is forecast.

Energy Plant (EP)

Supplemental Utility Plant (SUP)

Multiple buildings affected

Dec 20-27 begins at 9:00 p.m. *
Lloyd V. Berkner Hall (BE) Dec 22 8 hours
Eugene McDermott Library (MC) Dec 22 8 hours
Waterview Science and Technology Center (WSTC) Dec 22 4 hours
Parking lots A, B, C, and D will be affected by the Loop Road extension.

Parking lots A, B, C, and D will be affected by the Loop Road extension.

In partnership with the City of Richardson, UT Dallas Facilities Management will begin work to add a new segment to Loop Road in January 2015. Once completed, the new addition will cut through the center areas of parking lots A, B, C and D, and will connect into the existing Loop Road near Parking Structure 3 (PS3) and the Satellite Utility Plant (SUP.) The project includes a new bridge near lot R and renovated road connections at W. Lookout Drive and at Facilities Way.

Work on this project will be completed in phases, starting with parking lots A and B. Portions of lots A and B will be barricaded before January 5 to allow crews to start work. The affected lots will still be open for parking, but please be aware that there will be additional construction traffic and activity in the area. Once the road work is complete in lots A and B, the lots will be resurfaced, restriped and fully reopened. Crews will then begin work in lots C and D following the same process. Weather permitting, the parking lot phases of the project should be completed before the start of the fall 2015 semester. All phases of the project will be completed by late fall 2015.

Construction will also continue on the North Mall enhancement project, slated for completion in spring 2015, and on the new Bioengineering and Sciences Building (BSB,) slated for completion in late 2015.

In addition, Facilities Management crews will be working in several buildings during the break to paint, refinish floors and complete needed renovations and maintenance.


Maintenance and Construction
Project Location
* Expect multiple short-term power outages.
Paint classrooms Multiple locations
Strip and wax floors Multiple locations
Install new chiller * Energy Plant (EP)
Expand Counseling Center Student Services Building (SSB)
Assemble 2nd Floor Cubicles Synergy Park North (SPN)
Build Wellness Center Synergy Park North (SPN)
Build EODIAH Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology Building (ATC)
Build Dr. Lumata’s Lab North Office Building (NB)
Replace Dugout Baseball Field
Convert classroom into computer lab ECSS 2.312
Construction of Phase III addition Facilities Management (FM)
Replace HVAC unit Physics Building (PHY)
Relocate Old Service Building (OSB) Service Compound
Construction Bioengineering Science Building (BSB)
Landscaping North Mall
Loop Road Extension Parking lots A, B, C, and D

Please continue to check this site for updates on these and other projects.

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