Mike: The Party Crasher

Mike shows up at your party uninvited. He enjoys the festivities a little too much and gets busted for a minor in consumption.


Sophia: The Social Smoker

Sophia only smokes when she drinks, but does not consider herself a smoker. It seems like it’s becoming more and more of a problem since she can’t have one without the other.

Brandon: The Mixer

Brandon experiments with drugs and alcohol, but can’t always remember what he has taken and how much. At first he enjoyed the escape from reality, but lately he has been scared of how out of control he can become.

Katie: The Party Hopper

Katie wanders from apartment to apartment looking for a good time. She gets stopped in the parking lot by campus police and spends the night in jail for public intoxication.

Need Help?
UT Dallas offers on-campus alcohol and other drug assistance. Off-campus assistance is also available.

How to Help a Friend
Everyone is affected differently by alcohol. Learn what you can do to help a friend.

How to Party Smart
Your guide to throwing and attending parties in the safest manner possible and making choices that you can live happily with for a long time to come.