About Ecstasy/MDMA
Ecstasy is the most popular of recreational psychoactive drugs, commonly found in dance clubs and raves.
The small pill, which comes in various colors and imprinted with words or popular images, is swallowed.
Street names
XTC, E, X, Rolls, Beans, Adam
Tightening of the jaw muscles and clenching of the teeth, rapid heart rate, excessive sweating, elevated blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, trouble walking (shuffling gait), difficulty urinating, pupil dilation and esophoria (tendency for eyes to turn inward).
Use of this drug can lead to hyperthermia or severely elevated core body temperature. People under the influence of Ecstasy experiencing hyperthermia often consume a dangerous amount of water (the opposite of dehydration).

It is typical for someone who uses Ecstasy to experience depression two days post use and will experience withdrawal symptoms as well. Repeated use of this drug can lead to permanent memory impairment.