About GHB
GHB is a sedative that is used medically as a sleep aid and illicitly as a recreational intoxicant. It is used as a date rape drug because of its effects and it is easy to dissolve/hide in a drink.
The pill is small and can be swallowed. Illicitly, it is typically slipped in a drink and dissolved.
Street names
Roofie, The forget me pill, R2, rope
Vomiting, liver failure, respiratory problems that could be potentially fatal, tremors, seizures, unconsciousness, and coma.
Use of this drug can be fatal.
Important Facts
The US banned non prescription sales in 1990 because its adverse effects.

GHB has been responsible for several deaths and was added to the Schedule I list of drugs in the Controlled Substance Act. If you are caught possessing, manufacturing or distributing GHB, you could face a prison term of up to 20 years.