Many resources are available for you on-campus.

Alcohol and other drug assistance is available in the form of counseling, assessment, screening and education.

Information for Parents
It's never too late to talk to your kids about drinking and drugs. We hope the information provided to you here will help you take a step to making that connection with your son or daughter.

How to Party Smart
Some suggestions for party-throwers and party-goers.

Off-Campus Help

Alcoholics Anonymous


Narcotics Anonymous

Alcohol Screening

Everything you ever wanted to know about drugs


The SAM Spady Foundation

Additional Resources

Learn more about...

Alcohol Poisoning
If you are going to drink or be around drinkers, this may be the most important information you ever read.

A glossary of popular illegal drugs and misused prescription medicine.

Drug Laws
A guideline on offenses and penalties under state and federal laws.

How to Help a Friend
Learn about signs that might point to a serious problem and what you can do to help.

Myths vs. Reality
How much do you really know about alcohol?

Learn about UT Dallas' sanctions for alcohol and drug violations.

The more you drink, the more alcohol's effects become less pleasant and more dangerous to your health and safety.