About LSD (ACID)
LSD is the most common hallucinogen. It is also one of the most potent mood changing drugs. It is available in liquid or tablet form, even found on blotter paper or sugar cubes.
Orally. But in gel or liquid form it can be put in the eyes.
Street names
Acid, blotters, microdot
Effects are very unpredictable. There is no way to discern if a trip will be good or bad. Pupils become dilated, body temperature increases, heart rate and blood pressure raises. Also common are sweating, low appetite, insomnia, dry mouth and body tremors. Moods swing frequently, hallucinations and delusions occur. Sense of time, space and self change. Colors and sound are distorted and can create sensations of panic. Extreme fear of insanity, death and despair and losing control are common.
Flashbacks can occur as long as years after use.