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Enrichment Programs - Summer Programs, Study Abroad, etc.

The Dallas area offers rich opportunities to learn about healthcare hands on: 13 major hospitals, hundreds of smaller practices, dozens of research venues, and a vibrant community of public health and community outreach programs.

Professional Experience

Working and observing in health settings is a critical aspect of pre-health education.

Academic Enrichment

The Find Pre-Health Enrichment Programs database includes descriptions of over 500 undergraduate programs. APPLY EARLY!!

Of special note to UT Dallas students:

  • Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP)
    • Six-week Summer Academic Program Free program for talented pre-med and pre-dent students completing their freshman or sophomore years of college. Offered at 12 sites around the nation. Apply ASAP!
  • Retina Foundation of the Southwest
  • Baylor College of Dentistry
    • Summer Pre-Dental Enrichment Program (SDEP) - Available to select students who will have over 60 college hours by the end of the spring semester, SDEP is an excellent 8-week program of science courses and professional training. Feb 1
  • UT Southwestern Medical Center
  • The University Of Texas Southwestern
  • University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
    • Summer Surgery Experience - An intensive 10-day program of lectures, shadowing, and observation. Students choose to focus on cardiac surgery or neuroscience. Mar 15
  • University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
    • SPAEP Level I - A competitive, 7-week opportunity for small group medical prep classes, focused on Freshmen and Sophomores. Free tuition plus stipend! Mar 1
    • SPAEP Level II - A highly competitive, 9-week opprtunity for research, MCAT prep, and application workshops, focused on MD/PhD applicants. Free tuition plus stipend! Mar 1

Travel and Service

Health related community service initiatives, church missions, and foreign service ventures fall into this category.

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