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Future UT-PACT program information sessions have not been scheduled at this time.

Transformation in Medical Education

Cristina Gonzalez, UT-PACT Coordinator

Training for the healthcare professions is time consuming and expensive. Transformation In Medical Education (TIME) is an initiative of The University of Texas System with a goal of expediting the process and better preparing students for careers in medicine through the coordination of undergraduate and medical school curricula.

The Partnership in Advancing Clinical Transition (UT-PACT), a collaborative program between UT Dallas and UT Southwestern Medical School, is a member of the TIME consortium. Students enrolled in UT-PACT will have joint admission to BA and MD training programs. In UT-PACT, medical school faculty will play an active role in the design and teaching of undergraduate courses. Clinical relevance is incorporated into basic science courses, meaningful exposure to standardized patients and training in communication skills begin after the first year of college, and professional identity formation is fostered by early contact with medical school faculty.

The synergistic partnership between UT Dallas and UT Southwestern builds upon existing collaborative programs and the advantages of proximity in the DFW Metroplex. The program between the two institutions is highly interactive with instruction from medical school faculty beginning in the summer after the first year.

UT-PACT Curriculum

PACT1 class, 2014

UT-PACT brings innovative change to medical education in the UT System through revision of course content to achieve greater relevance and formalized instruction to promote professionalism. Coordination between bachelor’s and medical training enables students to complete both degrees in seven years.

UT-PACT Non-Traditional Studies

At the undergraduate level, all students will participate in Clinical Skills blocks which include ethics (professionalism, scholastic integrity, sexual boundaries), culture and medicine, the art of observation, and advanced communication skills (difficult patients, end of life issues).

UT-PACT Courses

The UT-PACT Courses document details the expected course of study for BA/MD students.

UT-PACT Program Admission

Admission into UT-PACT is competitive. Students apply during their senior year of high school and are evaluated based on:

  • Texas residency – only Texas residents will be considered
  • Acceptance to UT Dallas
  • High school grade point average (minimum 3.50 on a 4.00 scale)
  • Standardized test scores (minimum SAT math 550 and reading 550, or ACT 27)
  • Application to UT-PACT (after applying to UT Dallas), including a statement of motivation and purpose
    NOTE: Apply EARLY! You must apply to UTD prior to applying to UT-PACT. You are encouraged to complete and submit your UT-PACT application while your UTD acceptance is being processed. Acceptance to UTD will be required to complete your eligibility to proceed in the process, but is not required before you submit your UT-PACT application.
  • Personal interviews, initiated by the UT-PACT office, conducted by university and medical school faculty
  • Letters of evaluation are required from:
    • a high school guidance counselor
    • a high school math or science instructor
    • one additional letter as a character reference
  • No additional letters will be considered; only the required three will be reviewed. Letters must be initiated by the applicant by providing the UT-PACT Letter of Evaluation Coversheet to each writer.
    A complete application includes the receipt by the UT-PACT program office of all three letters (including completed UT-PACT coversheets) before the December 1st deadline. The coversheet contains specific requirements and instructions for applicants and letter writers.
  • Letter writers will want to review these Required Letter Elements.

UT-PACT Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the application become available?

    The general online Apply Texas application opens August 1st. The UT-PACT application should be posted on September 15th.

  • How do I obtain my UTD ID numbers?

    After submitting your general online Apply Texas application, you will receive an email from UT Dallas Admissions office containing your UTD ID number. The email will also provide instructions to activate your NET ID. Both numbers will be required to create your UT-PACT application. Please note: APPLY EARLY – receiving and activating these numbers can take up to ten working days.

  • What major should I choose when applying?

    UT-PACT students will earn a BA in Biology. On your application, however, you are encouraged to choose the major you would want to pursue if you were not applying to UT-PACT. If chosen for the UT-PACT program, your major can easily be changed to Biology.

  • Do I need to send my test scores or transcripts to UT-PACT or to UTSW?

    Neither transcripts nor test scores need to be submitted to the UT-PACT office or to UTSW. Please submit transcripts and test scores only as required for UTD admissions.

  • Do I need to receive acceptance to UT Dallas or “accept my acceptance” to UTD before applying to UT-PACT?

    No, UT-PACT applicants need to complete the online Apply Texas application first. Then, after receiving a UTD ID number via email and activating your NET ID, you may initiate a UT-PACT application. Please note: APPLY EARLY – receiving and activating these numbers can take up to ten working days. Both numbers are required to initiate a UT-PACT application.

  • How do I check on the status of my application?

    Make sure your UT-PACT online application was submitted and not just saved. If your application was submitted, you received the confirmation email. No further status will be provided regarding your application until February. Letters of evaluation are only accepted as PDF email attachments, so your letter writers will be able to confirm for you when they have submitted their letter. Follow up with your letter writers well before the December 1st deadline. (Specific letter requirements are noted on the UT-PACT website.) Due to the volume of applications and letters submitted, the UT-PACT office will not be able to confirm receipt of each letter for each applicant.

  • Who will request the letters of evaluation?

    The letter writer contact information is requested on the UT-PACT application. However, this office does not request the letters. Applicants are responsible for requesting letters from the three required sources by providing each writer with the UT-PACT Letter of Evaluation coversheet. All instructions and the coversheet are available on the UT-PACT website.

  • Is there an advantage to submitting the application early?

    Always! Early submission allows for supporting documents to be submitted and matched with your application in a timely manner. Early submission allows time to address any technical issues or questions that may arise. Be prepared, request letters, submit test scores, and submit your UT-PACT application before the deadline.

  • How do I know if my letters of evaluation have been received by UT-PACT?

    Letters of evaluation are only accepted as PDF email attachments, so your letter writers will be able to confirm for you when they have submitted their letter. Follow up with your letter writers well before the deadline. (Specific letter requirements are noted on the UT-PACT website.) Due to the volume of applications and letters submitted, the UT-PACT office will not be able to confirm receipt of each letter for each applicant.

  • When will I be notified if I am invited for an interview?

    Invitations to interview are generally sent via email in February.

  • How many interviews are conducted?

    The interviews are offered by invitation only. Forty applicants will be invited to a two-day interview process conducted in the spring. If invited to interview, applicants will attend both full days. There will be two interviews at UTD and two interviews at UTSW. The final twenty applicants will be chosen from this group and offered acceptance into the UT-PACT program.

  • Is the MCAT required? What is the minimum acceptable score?

    Yes, like all medical school students, UT-PACT students must take the MCAT. There will be a minimum score required and this will be dicussed with participants in the program.

  • Will my entire application be reviewed if I meet the minimum GPA and SAT/ACT requirements?

    All complete applications that are eligible for review will be reviewed in their entirety.

  • May I use the same essay I used for college admission?

    When applying to the UT-PACT program, applicants are simultaneously applying to medical school. The essay/statement of motivation should be specifically written for that purpose.

  • Do I need to send my transcript to UT-PACT?

    No transcripts are required to be submitted to the UT-PACT office. Please submit transcripts only as required for UTD admissions.

  • Are students from collegiate high schools eligible?

    Yes, students from Texas collegiate high schools are eligible to apply to the UT-PACT program.

  • What courses will transfer into the UT-PACT program?

    All required college-level math and science courses normally must be taken at UTD; no AP or dual credit courses may substitute for UTD-taught science or mathematics courses. Some AP or dual credit courses may transfer for such fields as English, Government, and History. Transfer credits will be approved only after an applicant has matriculated at UT Dallas, subject to UTD policies and the approval of the UT-PACT Director.

  • Can a relative write a letter of evaluation for me?

    No, letters from relatives (even relatives working in a health profession) are not acceptable. Letters need to be requested from people outside your family who are familiar with you.

  • Should I send any updated accomplishments or test scores after submitting my application?

    Complete applications and test scores submitted prior to the deadline and only the requested documents and scores will be accepted and reviewed. There is not a need to send updates after submitting your application.

  • Is admission to UT Southwestern guaranteed?

    The admission offer to UTSW granted when students are admitted to the UT-PACT program is provisional. During the undergraduate portion of the UT-PACT program, students will accumulate a portfolio of information from courses taken, instructor and program evaluations, clinical activities, grade point average, MCAT score, adherence to code of professionalism, etc. Acceptable results from an ongoing review of this portfolio will dictate continuation in the program and eventual transition to the medical school campus.

UT-PACT Program Continuation

Accepted UT-PACT students must maintain:

  • A minimum overall GPA of 3.50;
  • The course progression outlined by the UT-PACT office and the student's degree plan;
  • Acceptable performance in the clinical modules;
  • Documentation of attainment of milestones of professional and academic development

Average Scores of 2015 UT-PACT Students

SAT Math + Reading: 1514
ACT: 34

About the UT-PACT Partnering Institutions

UT Dallas - The University of Texas at Dallas has a distinguished history of innovative scientific research, ground-breaking, investigative collaborations, and numerous endorsements from prominent medical schools. The exceptional quality of our students, our rigorous educational programs and our outstanding faculty all contribute to an environment centered on learning and discovery. UT Dallas enrolls approximately 20,000 students in eight schools and offers almost 125 diverse degree programs at bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels.

UT Southwestern - As one of the premier medical centers in the nation, UT Southwestern trains the physicians, medical scientists and healthcare professionals of the future, training nearly 4,400 students, residents and postdoctoral fellows each year. UT Southwestern Medical Center and its affiliated hospitals provide inpatient care to nearly 100,000 people and approximately 1.9 million outpatient visits annually. In addition, UT Southwestern is one of the foremost research facilities in the world, with its four Nobel Laureates and 19 members of the National Academy of Sciences. It conducts more than 3,500 research projects annually totaling more than $406 million.

Questions? Contact UT-PACT

If you have questions about UT-PACT, contact:

Cheryl Janes — UT-PACT


Cheryl coordinates the administration of the UT-PACT program. From tracking application documents to acting as one of the liaisons between UTD and UT Southwestern staff, Cheryl is also the person to answer questions via email. In addition, Ms. Janes will plan events, arrange travel and participate in communication with current and prospective students.

Ms. Janes has been involved in the administration of the UT-PACT program since the first application cycle. Prior to officially joining the UT-PACT team, she was a part of the Health Professions Advising Center here at UT Dallas. Cheryl joins us with entrepreneurial, corporate and non-profit business experience. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Cristina Gonzalez — UT-PACT Coordinator


Cristina M. González holds two degrees from Texas A&M University: a MA in Modern Languages and a BS in Health Education. She taught Spanish at A&M before moving back to Dallas in 2000, where she taught a longitudinal Medical Spanish primarily for the PA students but also taught Medical Spanish as an elective to medical school students, faculty, residents, and fellows. Ms. González also served as Director of Admissions for the PA program and for a short time as Director of Minority Student Affairs for UT Southwestern Medical School.

Ms. González came to UT Dallas in October of 2011 as program coordinator for UT-PACT, the BA/MD program begun in 2011 as a collaboration between UT Dallas and UT Southwestern Medical School. Ms. González is also an assistant professor at UT Dallas and teaches Medical Spanish and a number of UT-PACT courses.

Ms. González enjoys the outdoors and going to sporting events, especially those of her sons, J.J. and Brighton. She is an avid college sports aficionado, especially if it involves her Fightin’ Texas Aggies.