Pre-Law Advising and Resource Center

Contacting PLARC

The Pre-Law Advising and Resource Center Office is located at UT Dallas in Founders 2.202 (Founders Building, 2nd floor). The UT Dallas Visitors page has maps and directions to campus.

Business operating hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, however the advisor’s schedules are unpredictable due to classes, meetings and travel. We do accept walk-ins, but it's always best to call or email for an appointment.

The PLARC mailing address is:

UT Dallas Pre-Law Advising and Resource Center
800 W. Campbell Road, FO 53
Richardson, Texas 75080

PLARC Personnel

Anne Dutia

Anne Dutia — Director

[email protected]
FO 2.202C

Anne Dutia has been a Pre-Law Advisor at UT Dallas since 2006, following a career as an attorney and law school admissions officer at a top ten law school. Anne's prior experience makes her unusually qualified to help students determine whether law school and a legal career are a good fit, decide which law schools would best serve their goals, and put together applications which maximize their chances of acceptance into law school. Her insider's perspective of the admissions and legal education process helps her offer insight to prospective law students from their freshman year to their eventual matriculation to law school, and the depth and breadth of her professional network allows her to draw upon the collective wisdom of her prelaw advising and law school admissions colleagues. Anne also coaches the Moot Court Team, which has won three regional titles in the last six years, and is ranked among the top 15 teams in the nation.

She serves as the Vice-President of the Southwest Association of Pre-Law Advisors (SWAPLA), the SWAPLA designated member to the Pre-Law Advisors National Council (PLANC), and on the Executive Board of the American Moot Court Association (AMCA).

Tony Champagne

Dr. Anthony Champagne, Professor and Advisor Emeritus

[email protected]
FO 2.202B

Anthony Champagne is a Professor of Political Science. He is interested in Constitutional Law, Law and Medicine, Civil Liberties, and Judicial Elections at the state level. Dr. Champagne served as a U.S. Supreme Court Judicial Fellow in 1990-91. He is the recipient of three University-wide teaching awards. Dr. Champagne has written a biography of Speaker Sam Rayburn, a book on judicial politics in Texas, a book on the Speakership of the U.S. House of Representatives, and one on political leadership in Texas. He is currently writing a political biography of Speaker Jim Wright.

Dr. Champagne is in semi-retirement, and teaches only in the fall semester.

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