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Welcome to the Procurement Management website!

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Procurement Management Policies Update

Relocation Expenses                            UTDBP3098
Entertainment and Official Occasions    UTDBP3094

Uniform Guidance

The University of Texas at Dallas has delayed implementation of the Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards until September 1, 2017, as provided by the waiver of the procurement rules stated in COFAR FAQ, Section 110-6, released November 26, 2014. This notice applies to Procurement only. In the interim, the OMB Circulars will apply to grants and cooperative agreements.

Travel Management Updates

Hotel Allowance: Conference Hotel expenses will be paid or reimbursed at the standard conference rate. Non-conference hotel expenses should be reasonable but may not exceed GSA allowance for that location without approval from the traveler’s VP, Dean, or Fiscal Officer.

Entertainment Limit per Person
: The reimbursement is based on actual cost, which must be appropriate and reasonable for the type of meal or event. This applies to all venues, including restaurants and entertainment at private residences. The entertainment limit is an average of $75 per person including food, alcohol, tax, and gratuity.

Reminder to Use Concur:
Effective January 1, 2015, all use of the full service university travel agents (CTP and Anthony) will be billed back to the traveler’s department at $28 for domestic and $35 for international reservations. There will continue to be no chargeback to your department for use of the Concur online booking tool. Concur provides a list of all your travel plans and is your direct source for travel alerts. Sign up HERE

Office of Contract Administration

All contracts for the purchase of goods or services should be attached to a requisition and submitted for processing through eProcurement.  A CAT form is not required.

All contracts NOT related to a purchase of goods or services should follow the process outlined at

: If you receive any correspondences from an email address not ending in, they are fraudulent.  Do not fulfill any orders which are not from that domain name, and please consider filing a complaint at  You are always welcome to email to verify the legitimacy of an order.  Thank you!