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Welcome to the Procurement Management website!

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Fall Schedule Training Available

AD - Lone Star Conference Room [3.104]

Topics and Dates

Procurement Overview          Nov 19th              10am-11:30am
Travel Overview                    Dec 3rd                10am-11:30am
To sign up email Casey Lloyd at  Please include your name and which class you want.

Travel Management Updates

Hotel Allowance: Hotel and Conference Hotel expenses may not exceed 150% of the federal per diem for that location. Exception requests for additional allowance must be approved by your VP, Dean, or Fiscal Officer.

Entertainment Limit per Person
: The reimbursement is based on actual cost, which must be appropriate and reasonable for the type of meal or event. This applies to all venues, including restaurants and entertainment at private residences. The entertainment limit is an average of $75 per person including food, alcohol, tax, and gratuity.

Reminder to Use Concur:
This online booking tool for university travel allows you to quickly make reservations after viewing your travel options. In addition, you have direct access to UT Dallas’ negotiated fares delivered by our travel agencies. Concur provides a list of all your travel plans and is your direct source for travel alerts. Sign up HERE.

Southwest Airlines – Additional Discounts
UT System and the UT Dallas Travel Office are pleased to announce that effective July 1, 2015, the following discounts and benefits will apply for all business travel reservations made through the UT Dallas Travel Agents (Corporate Travel/Concur or Anthony Travel). Southwest Airlines will be designated as a non-exclusive primary preferred airline.
•        20% discount on all fully refundable airfare/reservations
•        A 3% or 10% discount on non-refundable airfare/reservations excluding web only airfares
•        ADDITIONAL BENEFIT:  For reservations confirmed during the months of July, August and September, with travel completed during this time period as well, travelers will receive a 50% Rapid Rewards point bonus.

Office of Contract Administration

Please send contracts for review to the Office of Contract Administration following the procedures detailed on the OCA website at  The OCA website also contains the required Contract/Agreement Approval Transmittal (“CAT”) Form which will need to be submitted with each contract.

: If you receive any correspondences from an email address not ending in, they are fraudulent.  Do not fulfill any orders which are not from that domain name, and please consider filing a complaint at  You are always welcome to email to verify the legitimacy of an order.  Thank you!