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Purchasing Card

UT Dallas Procurement Management offers University departments a MasterCard Purchasing Card Program for ordering supplies or business services. The program is a fast, flexible method of processing low-dollar-value purchases from vendors that accept the MasterCard credit card. This program simplifies the process of purchasing commodities for the University.

The purchasing card works like a credit card, and carrying one is a privilege based on trust. In order to obtain a procurement card, an applicant must first become certified in its use by completing pre-application testing and cardholder training.

The Purchasing Card Program is authorized by a Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS) contract with Citibank. With the purchasing card, departments may purchase non-restricted commodities directly from vendors without issuing a purchase order or entering an accounting transaction. This program reduces the time and effort required to make payments for University purchases.

The use of the purchasing card to pay for a purchase does not exempt the University or its officers and employees from the purchasing requirements of state law and the TPASS.

How to Obtain a Purchasing Card
To apply for a University Purchasing Card, please complete the Purchasing Card Application Form. Completed forms can be emailed to purchasingcard@utdallas.edu, faxed to 972-883-2348 or delivered via intercampus mail to AD34.

How to Use the Purchasing Card
The purchasing card works a lot like a credit card. A cardholder may make low dollar value purchases (up to the maximum single transaction limit on the individual card) from vendors that accept the MasterCard credit cards. The card may be used for purchases of goods and services that are specifically related to the cardholder's area of expertise and/or their job-related duties at The University of Texas at Dallas.

Disputing a Transaction
For unrecognizable transactions or purchases that appear incorrect, review your receipts and see if you can match the transaction by dollar amount – some vendor’s process credit card transactions through a parent company. If you still cannot find anything, contact the vendor and try to resolve the dispute. If an agreement cannot be reached with the vendor, you should complete a Cardholder Dispute Form and fax to the CITI Bank contact listed on the dispute document.

Customer Service
The Purchasing Card program is serviced using a team approach with CITI Bank’s Customer Service Center. This center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist the cardholder with general questions about the Purchasing Card account.

CITI Bank Customer Service can be reached at 1-800-248-4553.

Travel Advance

Most travelers will use their personal credit cards to incur expenses and will file for a reimbursement after completion of travel. On occasion, a traveler may request a travel advance. The typical form of a travel advance is a prepaid credit card with a specific balance and time frame for use. In order to request a travel advance, please complete the Promissory Note and Travel Authorization forms.

Make sure to submit your request to purchasingcard@utdallas.edu no later than 10 days before travel.

Additional Purchasing Card Information
Additional information regarding the following can be found in the Purchasing Card Program Guide:
  • Card activation
  • Card termination
  • Credits/Returns
  • Card limits
  • Allowed/Disallowed purchases
  • Activity report reconciliation
  • Auditing.