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Spring 2016 League Champions
Scooterboard Hockey
AC Aux Gym
Champion - Lucky Pucks
5-on-5 Basketball
AC Main Gym
Champions - Co-Rec - Coca Scola; Men's - We Have Loose Rims; Women's - Straight Outta Bricks
8v8 Soccer
Intramural Soccer Fields
Champions - Co-Rrec - Broke Phi Broke; Men's - Kappa Sigma; Women's - Amigas
4-on-4 Wiffleball
AC Aux Gym
Spring 2016 Intramural Special Events/Tournament Champions
Climbing Competition
AC Aux Gym
Champions - Beg. M-Lucas Hagel, F-Amber Stamps; Int. M-Athul Thulasi, F-Kennedi Rose; Adv M-Hunter See, F-Alexis Manyrath
4x4 Xtreme Dodgeball
AC Racquetball Courts
Champion - Eyjafjallajokull
Soccer Volleyball
Rec Center West
Champion - The GOATs
Badminton - Singles !
AC Main Gym
Champions - Men's - Abhiram Pulakurthy; Women's - Mo Li
Badminton - Doubles !
AC Main Gym
Table Tennis!
AC Main Gym
Champions - Men's Singles - Xuefeng Zhao; Women's Singles - Ganesa Parmar
4v4 Flag Football
Intramural Soccer Fields
Tennis Singles#
UTD Tennis Complex
Champion - Wei Cheng
4's Sand Volleyball
Rec Sports Sand Volleyball Courts
Champion - Sand Diggers
Fall 2015 League Champions
Flag Football League
Intramural Fields
Tennis Doubles League
Champion - TBA
Innertube Water Polo
AC Natatorium
Champion - #WeGotJake
4v4 Power Volleyball League
AC Main Gym
Champion - Bump & Grind
4v4 Reverse Volleyball League
AC Main Gym
Champion - Bump & Grind
6v6 Volleyball League
AC Main Gym
Fall 2015 Intramural Special Events/Tournament Champions
AC Aux Gym
Champion - Ball or Nothing
Pickleball Singles
AC Main Gym
8v8 Soccer
Intramural Fields
3v3 Basketball
AC Main Gym
Disc Golf
UTD Disc Golf Course
Rained Out
Costume Bingo#
AC Aux Gym
Champions - Game Champions; Grand Champion - Nashaat Rupani
Swim Meet
AC Natatorium
Champions - 50y Breast - Mike Ding; 50y Back - Nikita Kane ;
50y Free, 50y Butter, 100y Free - Kevin Vu; 100y IM - Oscar Dao
Cardboard Boat Regatta
AC Natatorium
Champion - LLC - SS Boat
Indoor Ultimate Frisbee (4v4)
RCW Main Gym