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The Fitness Program consists of the fitness center in which visitors to the Activity Center can choose from 39 pieces of cardio equipment, two areas of free weights and several plate-loaded machines to get the workout desired. For those looking for a new twist on their traditional workout, take one of our many group fitness classes or sign up for personal training.

students at the fitness center

Group X

Exercise in a group! Trained instructors lead Group X workouts, which exercise your muscles while you have fun at the same time. Whether it's kettlebell, yoga, spin or Zumba, choose something you like and join the group! Learn more »

Dance Lessons

Brush up on your dance techniques with a certified dance instructor. These one-on-one lessons will help you master the floor by working to improve techniques, steps and moves you already know. Each lesson may be divided to 30 minutes or one hour. Contact Ben Piper to schedule your lesson today!

One hour $30 $35
Four hours $110 $130
Eight hours $188 $228
Twelve hours $269 $329

Members Non-Members
One hour $20/person $25/person
Four hours $72/person $104/person
Eight hours $136/person $176/person
Twelve hours $180/person $240/person


Personal Training

The personal training program at UT Dallas is designed to help you with your personal fitness goals whether you want to lose a few pounds or need help designing a workout right for you. Learn more »

Non-credit Classes

4 Week Body Blast
Dates TBA
Time Monday - Thursday
7-7:50 a.m. (Outside, AUX)
Price Member: $50
Non-member: $75
Instructor TBD


Belly Dance
Dates TBD
Time TBD
Location TBD

Dates TBD
Time TBD
Location TBD

Dates TBD
Time TBD
Location TBD

Nutritional Guidance

The Nutritional Guidance Program is designed to help you reach your goals, eat for optimal performance, energize your workouts, and build muscle strength. Sessions are designed to meet the specific nutrient needs of each client and include computer generated nutritional analysis for your specific needs.

Counseling will begin with a completion of a three-day food diary. You will then meet with the trainer to identify your goals for dietary improvement. A diet analysis can provide useful information for everyone. With the guidance of our certified nutritionist, you will find out how your food choices compare to the recommended intakes for protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. You will also learn how many calories are right for you at your current weight and activity level. So be prepared to get some tips for healthy and smart dietary changes along with customized meal plans that take into consideration some of your favorite foods!

Please complete the Nutritional Guidance Registration Packet Requires Adobe Reader and bring to your initial appointment. Contact Brad or Ben for more information.

General Food Plan*
Personal Training Clients $15
Non-Clients $25
*This is a single session. This food plan will provide you with the USDA's recommended food summary for your age and weight. It provides you with a general guide of the different types of foods such as grains, fats, proteins and more so that you can build a healthy meal plan to use for your daily allowances. You will also receive a review of your three-day food journal with some healthy tips and alternatives.

Customized Food Plan PT Client Non-Client
1 Day $25 $35
3 Day* $50 $60
7 Day* $75 $85
*This includes a follow-up session and a review of your food intake for two weeks. This food plan includes the items from the general food plan as well as a customized written meal plan using some of the food that you enjoy. Your plan will be tailored to meet your goals whether they are fat loss, muscle gain, or a desire to maintain your current health level. You will also be provided with your daily recommended calorite intake for your desired goals and a breakdown of specific details for protein, carbohydrates and fat consumption.

12-Week Transformation Package
Personal Training Clients $300
Non-Clients $350
This food plan includes the customized meal plan, follow up consultations, weekly food log review, and one personal training session per week.