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Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS) Support


For Patients

Foreign accent syndrome. The ASHA Leader, 11(10), 10-11, 31.
(General Reference and Introduction to the Disorder)

National Organization for Rare Disorders website
(No entry for FAS at this time)

National Stroke Association


For Medical Professionals

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Coelho, CA & Robb, MP Acoustic analysis of foreign accent syndrome: An Examination of three explanatory models. Journal of Medical Speech-Language Pathology. 2001 9 4: 227-242.

Dedicated Journal Issue(s)

Journal of Neurolinguistics: Vol 19, Issue 5, Pages 341-430 (September 2006)


Poulin S, Macoir J, Paquet N, Fossard M, Gagnon L. Psychogenic or neurogenic orgin of agrammatism and foreign accent syndrome in a bipolar patient: a case report. Ann Gen Psychiatry. 2007  Jan 4; 6:1.

Fridriksson J, Ryalls J, Rorden C, Morgan PS, George MS, Baylis GC. Brain damage and cortical compensation in foreign accent syndrome. Neurocase. 2005 Oct; 11(5):319-24.


Acoustical Analyses

Blumstein SE, Alexander MP, Ryalls JH, Katz W, Dworetzky B. On the nature of the foreign accent syndrome: a case study. Brain and language. 1987 Jul; 31 (2): 215-44.

Katz WF, Garst DM, Levitt J. The role of prosody in a case of foreign accent syndrome (FAS). Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics. 2008 Jul; 22(7) : 537-566.

Kurowski KM, Blumstein SE, Alexander M. The foreign accent syndrome: a reconsideration. Brain and language. 1996 Jul; 54(1): 1-25.



Ryalls J, Reinvang I. Some further notes on Monrad-Krohn’s case study of foreign accent syndrome. Folia Phoniatr (Basel). 1985; 37 (3-4): 160-2.


Other researchers working with FAS

Dr. Karen Croot, School of Psychology The University of Sydney

Dr. Julius Fridriksson at University of South Carolina

Dr. Jennifer Gurd at the Neuropsychology Research Centre, University of Oxford

Dr. Nick Miller, School of Education Comm. and Language Sciences,  Newcastle University

Dr. Jack Ryalls, College of Health and Public Affairs, University of Central Florida

To be added to contact list, please e-mail