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About the Office of Technology Commercialization


The Office of Technology Commercialization is responsible for the management of all innovations that result from research conducted at UT Dallas. The mission of the OTC is to effectively and efficiently facilitate the evaluation, protection, patenting and transfer of commercially viable, UT Dallas innovations for the economic, social, environmental and cultural benefit of the citizens of the region and the state of Texas and society in general.

  1. Implement processes for the efficient evaluation & management of UT Dallas innovations.
  2. Effectively transfer commercially viable technologies to the market.
  3. Create and maintain a world class program for proactively facilitating the creation of UT Dallas Start-ups
  4. Maintain customer-centric operations that will attract and retain UT Dallas commercialization customers including inventors, investors and industry partners.
Governing Philosophies

The OTC takes a collaborative, partnering approach when working with inventors, industry partners, and investors. We strive to be flexible, facilitative, market-oriented, and creative with the objective of establishing long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our faculty and ur partners.

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