Karl Suss MA6 BA6 Contact Aligner/Printer: 1000 W broadband UV arc lamp produces 8 – 12 mW/cm2 intensity at the wafer.  Resolution demonstrated to .5 micron spaces between geometries.  Substrate size ranges from 5x5 mm to 150 mm (6 inch).  We have mask/wafer hardware for 3, 4 and 6 in diameter substrates.  System has automatic wedge compensation for both contact and proximity printing.  Alignment gap is programmable from 0 to 300 micron, resolution 1 micron.  Substrates and photomasks are loaded manually.  For extra small substrate alignment, the system uses a reference and scan alternating alignment microscope motion.  Objective lens separation distance is 40 to 140 mm.  Alignment microscope illumination is filtered to prevent resist exposure on substrate.  There are three objective lenses: 5x, 10x, and 20x magnification.  This system also has back side alignment and illumination microscopes.  The system is microprocessor controlled for convenient operator interface.



User Manual

Daily Startup Checks & Operational Verifications


Updated: 2008-03-20