The four-stack Thermco MiniBrute atmospheric furnace system provides basic oxidation and annealing capabilities needed for electron device fabrication on wafers up to 100 mm in diameter. The system is presently configured to allow either O2, 10% O2 + 90% N2, N2, or forming gas to be delivered to tubes 2 and 3. The two bottom tubes are restricted to silicon-only processing. The bottom tube, which is used only for silicon oxidation, can also be connected to a steam generator for wet oxidation processes. The top tubes are designated for general use.


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Operating Procedures

Process Data

Tube 4: 10nm Oxide

Control Charts

Tube 4: 10nm Oxide


Tube 4: 10nm Ox BV

Tube 4: 10nm Ox CV


Updated: 2012-07-26