The Tystar Low-Pressure-Chemical-Vapor-Deposition (LPCVD) tool consists of four horizontal sub-atmospheric furnace tubes that can process up to 6" diameter silicon wafers. The furnaces are fully computer controlled and are configured to deposit doped and undoped polysilicon, silicon dioxide, and silicon nitride films. The tool is capable of depositing films with wafer-to-wafer and within-wafer uniformity of better than 5%. This tool was donated to UTD by the Von Ehr Foundation.


User Manual

Process Data

T1: Silicon-Nitride

T1: Low-Stress Nitride

T2: Polysilicon

T3: N+ PolySilicon

T3: P+ PolySilicon

Low-Temperature Oxide


Control Charts

Silicon Nitride

Low-Stress Nitride


Low-Temperature Oxide

PM Details


Updated: 2008-12-11