The new four-stack Tystar atmospheric furnace system provides basic oxidation and annealing capabilities needed for silicon transistor and MEMS fabrication on wafers up to 150 mm in diameter. The system is presently configured with two oxidation tubes and two tubes for solid-source diffusion and annealing of N and P type dopants. The furnaces are fully computer-controlled and feature automated load/unload stations and remote recipe editing and download.


Process Data

T5: General Oxidation 10nm Oxide

T6: Gate Oxidation 10nm Oxide

T7: P-Type Diffusion

T8: N-Type Diffusion

Control Charts

Tube 5: 10nm Oxide

Tube 6: 10nm Oxide


Tube 5: 10nm Ox BV

Tube 5: 10nm Ox CV

Tube 6: 10nm Ox BV

Tube 6: 10nm Ox CV

Updated: 2008-12-12