Cleanroom Access Requirments

  1. All undergraduate student researchers desiring to have access to the cleanroom must be at the SENIOR undergraduate level as verified from their transcript and at least 20 years of age.
  2. Students must interview with the cleanroom management to establish their maturity, skills and capability in regard to cleanroom operations.  Any reservations will be brought to the attention of the sponsoring faculty member.
  3. Once approved by the cleanroom management, all students must take all safety training courses as required by cleanroom management and must pass with a grade of 70% minimum.
  4. After senior level students pass the courses, faculty responsible for the senior undergraduate student MUST arrange for them to be accompanied by an EXPERIENCED graduate student or postdoc (also under the associated faculty member’s supervision) during EACH of their entire sessions in the cleanroom.  Cleanroom staff will not be responsible for the direct supervision of these students.  Ultimately, the sponsoring faculty member is absolutely responsible for all of their student researchers.  Of course, faculty members are also welcome to come into the cleanroom and monitor their students directly as well.
  5. Access for these senior level undergraduate students will be during weekdays only, Mon-Fri between 8AM and 9PM.

An email from the student’s sponsor verifying that the student meets these conditions should be made to the Cleanroom Director and Associate Director.

Dr. Bruce  Gnade - Director; email

Mr. Wallace Martin - Associate Director; email


Last Updated:  11/01/26