Premium Digital Hot Plate

Model HP30 has a solid ceramic heater top and will heat to 450°C.  It is recommended for use with chemicals and high temperatures. It is accurate to 1% over the entire range and will hold a set tejmperature to 1°C. This unit has platinum TRD sensors under the plate surface for sensing the plate temperature that is tied together with a PID control loop specific for the heater top being used.  It comes with a probe jack on the rear of the unit for an accessory probe that is used to sense solution temperatures and has specific PID control loop for controlling solutions in a vessel.

The custom LCD on the displays shows the plate and probe target and actual temperatures, temperature ramp, and count down timer with alarm and user settable Auto-Off. It features electronic calibaration that is set at the factory and traceable to NIST. Calibration easily can be reset by the user in the field to local standards if needed or wanted. An RS232 I/O port is provided for collecting data or for controlling the units from a computer.

User Manual

Updated: 2009-04-28