Raith 150Two E-Beam Lithography System

UTD received funding from the National Science Foundation for a high resolution electron beam lithography system as a result of a proposal written by Dr. Walter Hu, Dr. Lawerence Overzet and Dr. J. B. Lee for the purpose of providing researchers in the North Texas area capability for patterning nano-scale devices commensurate with the leading edge of nano-scale research.  The system purchased is the new Raith 150Two EBL system, and it was installed and commissioned in the UTD NSERL Cleanroom in May of 2012. Staff and appropriate graduate students have been trained on the system by Raith training engineers and are currently starting projects using the tool. Staff is in the process of characterizing performance and documenting the tool procedures and lithography processes.

 Raith 150Two E-Beam Lithography system install in Bay 5 of the UTD NSERL Cleanroom.

Step By Step Guide: 


Key System Capability Specs:

  • Thermal Field Emitter filament with beam size=/<2nm
  • Beam current range 5 pA-20 nA
  • Beam energy 100 eV - 30 keV
  • Stage x,y,z travel range 150 x 150 x 20 mm
  • Current density >/=20,000 A/cm (squared)
  • Stitching accuracy =/< 40 nm (mean + 3 sigma)
  • Overlay accuracy =/< 40 nm (mean + 3 sigma)
  • Minimum resolution =< 10 nm
  • Configured with 4" wafer holder
  • GDSII pattern creation software is included in tool software and also available on line

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Updated: 2015-08-10