This scanning electron microscope is a multiple use tool that has many features.  It is capable of imaging resolution of 1-2 nm, it has an EDAX X-Ray spectrometer to determine what elements are present in the image and can map the location of the elements over the image.  It has both secondary electron and backscattered electron detectors for common SEM imaging as well as material sensitive imaging.  It has an Electron Back-Scatter Diffraction Detector which, via software analysis can determine lattice parameters of various materials.  It even has a Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope system to obtain images of thin sections by sending electrons right through the sample and detecting an image from underneath the sample.  For device characterization, we have a Zyvex nano-manipulator stage and a low-noise semiconductor characterization system.  This system has piezo driven probes with extremely sharp points for contacting and or manipulating nano-sized devices.  This system is student operated after extensive training by Cleanroom staff.


User Manual

Stem Detector Deflector Design


Updated: 2013-09-03