The Center for Lithospheric Studies

Technical Papers

UT Dallas Geophysical Consortium Report to Sponsors, Volume 26 (2012)


Common-image gathers in the incident phase-angle domain from reverse-time migration in 2D elastic VTI media

Qunshan Zhang and George A. McMechan

Data-driven, target-oriented kinematic prediction and subtraction of multiples from pure and mode-converted multicomponent data

Cao and McMechan

Simultaneous inversion of seismic data from a Wolfcampian limestone reservoir of the Eastern Shelf, Permian Basin

Deans and McMechan

Sensitivity of estimated elastic moduli to completeness of wave type, measurement type, and illumination apertures at a receiver in multicomponent VSP data

Rusmanugroho and McMechan

3D, 9-C modeling and inversion of Weyburn Field data

Rusmanugroho and McMechan

3D scalar absorbing boundary conditions with optimal coefficients in the frequency domain

Xu and McMechan

Elastic inversion of near- and postcritical reflections using phase variation with angle

Zhu and McMechan

Modeling 3D porosity and permeability from GPR data in the Ellenburger Dolomite, central Texas

Harbi and McMechan


AVO inversion using the Zoeppritz equation for PP reflections

Zhu and McMechan

Amplitude and phase in angle-domain common-image gathers

Zhu and McMechan

Analysis of phase variation with ray parameter in the tau-p domain

Zhu and McMechan

Polarization-based wave-equation migration velocity analysis in acoustic media

Zhang and McMechan


Anisotropic parsimonious prestack depth migration

Oropeza and McMechan

Excitation amplitude imaging condition for prestack reverse-time migration

Nguyen and McMechan

Application of Sobolev gradient techniques to two-point ray-tracing

Browning et al.



Full-wavefield reflectivity inversion for synthetic data from elastic and viscoelastic anisotropic shale-bounded, fractured sandstone reservoir models

Pacheco and McMechan

Efficient Love wave modling by a steepest-descent approach

Browning et al.

Parsimonious velocity tomography of focusing operators

Jin and McMechan

Polarization-based wave-equation migration velocity analysis

Zhang and McMechan

Poststack seismic inversion for acoustic impedance of gas and hydrate-bearing deepwater sediments on the continental slope of the Ulleung Basin, East Sea, Korea

Lee et al.



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