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Sponsor's Information : UT Dallas Geophysical Consortium

The following information is for the UT Dallas Geophysical Consortium Sponsors only. If you are an active sponsor and you already know your user ID and password then please select the appropriate year to access the information.  You will be required to submit your user ID and password for each year selected.  User ID and password are case sensitive.  You can access the information of the year selected provided you were an active sponsor for that year and you submit the valid user ID and password for the year selected. If you do not remember your user ID and / or password then please email


2015 Full Sponsors 2015 Associate Sponsors
2014 Full Sponsors 2014 Associate Sponsors
2013 Full Sponsors 2013 Associate Sponsors
2012 Full Sponsors 2012 Associate Sponsors
2011 Full Sponsors 2011 Associate Sponsors
2010 Full Sponsors 2010 Associate Sponsors
2009 Full Sponsors 2009 Associate Sponsors
2008 Full Sponsors 2008 Associate Sponsors
2007 Full Sponsors 2007 Associate Sponsors
2006 Full Sponsors 2006 Associate Sponsors
2005 Full Sponsors 2005 Associate Sponsors
2004 Full Sponsors 2004 Associate Sponsors
2003 Full Sponsors 2003 Associate Sponsors
2002 Sponsors  
2001 Sponsors

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